Hawthorne Housing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with LA AFB

Hawthorne recently signed an MOU with the Los Angeles Air Force Base (LA AFB) to support affordable housing to military personnel, in partnership with landlords, property managers and developers.

This initiative, one of three offered in South Bay communities, encourages landlords to join the program and become a preferred lessor by agreeing to certain criteria, including:

  •  Waiver of security deposit (or reduced security deposit)

  • Reduction of rental rate (or match the government Basic Allowance for Housing stipend)

  • Waiver of Application fee

  • No penalty for transfer or deployment

Along with other considerations that demonstrate levels of commitment and support to military personnel.

These incentives are offered to any military member assigned to LA AFB in enlisted and officer grades, and agreement to commit to one or more of the above concessions will provide the following benefits:

-          As an MOU participant, you are an “approved” reference for housing considerations, and the Base Housing Office will supply your details to the interested military renter.

-          Should the military member choose to rent with the above concessions, you are assured a reliable and committed source of regular rent (the BAH tax free allowance mentioned above is paid based on rank, and is in addition to military base pay), along with the assurance that any failure to maintain timely payments will be dealt with through command channels, greatly reducing risk of any rent non-payments.

This program offers Hawthorne, and the LA AFB, an opportunity for partnership and collaboration in providing housing assistance in the local community.

For further information, please contact the Secretary of the Veterans Affairs Commission, Neil Gafney, at ngafney@cityofhawthorne.org , or call 310-349-1685.

The Mayor of Hawthorne has asked  the Veterans Affairs Commission to begin a process of identifying a distinguished veteran every quarter, in which they will be recognized with a reserved parking spot at City Hall, in addition to being recognized at a City Hall meeting. If you have veterans you would like to nominate, please submit an email with any reasons, to the commission at: hvacchair@gmail.com

Recent honorees recognized with formal proclamations include:

Dennis Wild, (USMC)

Jerry Nibel (Army)

Kenneth Hughey (Air Force)

Allen Richards (Air Force )

John L. Jefferson (Air Force)

Pat Carey (Army)

Adam Barnes (USMC)

All City of Hawthorne employees and police officers

Please support your commission by helping in the veterans census. All information is confidential and not shared with any government entity outside the commission.

Census Form

Veterans Benefit Day Video

Veterans and their loved ones attended Veterans Benefits Day at the Hawthorne Memorial  Center on April 28, 2018 to learn about the various resources available to Veterans and their families - from healthcare to job assistance, and much more! Click on the You Tube Video link below for the full presentation.

You Tube Video

Certificate of Recognition Veteran's Day Celebration 2015

Congressman Ted Lieu letter

Hawthorne Memorial Day 2015