Sewer Master Plan


Project engineer: Akbar Farokhi, Hawthorne Public Works Department .

The purpose of the master plan is to investigate and analyze the City’s sanitary sewer system; identify system conditions and deficiencies; and recommend, cost, and phase system improvements as part of a recommended Sewer Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that will help ensure the proper and safe conveyance of existing and future City wastewater flows in accordance with State and Federal regulations.

The Master Plan includes the following:

  • The development of a Geographical Information System (GIS) of the City’s land use and the existing sanitary sewer system.The City’s entire sewer system is approximately 90 miles in length.
  • Videotape using closed circuit television (CCTV) 260,000 linear feet (49 miles) of City sewers.
  • Field inspect 400 manholes.
  • Conduct temporary sewer flow monitoring at 20 locations throughout the city for a period of 30 consecutive days during the rainy season.

Develop a hydraulic model of the City’s sanitary sewer system in order to evaluate hydraulic performance and identify hydraulic deficiencies.