Hawthorne Happenings August 17, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

 40 Years in Hawthorne
On August 15th, 1977, a naïve, blond haired, young man from rainy Washington State took the El Segundo Blvd exit off the 405 Freeway and turned south on Inglewood Avenue, took a left on 130th Street, and walked into Trinity Lutheran School to meet his new boss, Principal/Pastor Sherman Korshavn.  The young man had never been to SoCal in his life, never lived in a big city, never seen an avocado or been around a palm tree or body surfed in an ocean. He was handed a copy of the Daily Breeze to check on possible apartments for rent and ended up in Moneta Gardens renting a studio for $275 per month on Cerise Avenue. The “new” Hawthorne Mall had just recently opened with JC Penney, Broadway, and Montgomery Wards as anchors. The young guy really didn’t know what he had signed up for other than he would teach a classroom full of multicultural, eighth graders just eight years his junior. He planned on staying in Hawthorne for a short time and seeing where his coaching career would take him.  Little did he know that Hawthorne would be his home for the next 40 years.  The best thing I did in those 40 years is ask my old lady to marry me. After 38 years of marriage, home ownership, three healthy kids and two grandkids, the young man’s hair has turned white and is looking forward to retirement in the next year. Yes, Hawthorne has been good to me. It has been a good place to raise my family.  It has changed over the years.  The ocean is still there, the weather is still tough to beat. 

 Local Woman to Represent Hawthorne at Pageant
Lisa G. Aguilar is proudly representing the City of Hawthorne at the Women of Achievement State Pageant on Saturday August 26th at the Queen Mary in Long Beach beginning at 2:30 pm. Tickets are $25.00 each. Ms. Aguilar has Resolve to Rise as her community platform and is a board member of the organization that works to educate the community on the prevention of sexual abuse. She will continue to strive to make Hawthorne a safer city.  A special thank you to Yolanda Dunn the director and founder of Resolve to Rise. 

Transportation drives our world. We need to get around. We need to get to our place of work. We need to get to school. We need to go visit our family. Getting from place to place in a reasonable amount of time is what determines a lot of our day and can dramatically affect our lives. In SoCal we most often use the motor vehicle to do the job.  Without one we are pretty limited on what jobs we can take and how fast we can get anywhere.  People who lived in Hawthorne in the past loved its close proximity to aerospace jobs, LAX and freeway onramps.  

With our weather, loads of people moved here and looked for housing.  Large housing units sprung up and Hawthorne became dense. With several adults living at the same address and working, parking became an issue.  Our streets were designed for residents to park their one car in the garage or their driveway.  (Yes, garages are meant to park your car in. No, they were not initially designed to make into man caves where you sip on your cold ones.)  Hawthorne has parking problems. We have too many cars and too little places to park them.  Sooooooo, what can we do to remedy the parking situation in Hawthorne?  What measures can be taken to help with our ongoing episodes of “parking wars”?  Some suggestions have been: one way residential streets which would allow for parking on both sides of the street, diagonal parking places, and neighborhood-wide permit parking which limits each address to three vehicles. What other solutions do you have?  The City Council would love to hear from the residents.  Come to our City Council meeting next Tuesday, August 22nd at 6 p.m. and express yourself during public comment.  You have three minutes to express yourself.  You have three minutes to communicate to our leaders an idea, a solution.  They are there to listen and they will.  The Council knows that we have parking problems; the question is how can we ease the pain?  Feel free to send me your ideas, I will pass them on. 

Hawthorne Museum Update
The Hawthorne Historical Society is working to set up the new Hawthorne Museum.  Displays are being worked on.  If you would like to help or have items to donate to the Society, please contact HHS president Danny Juarez at 310-643-6139. They could use your help.  The new museum is located at 14100 Prairie Avenue, at the South end of Jim Thorpe Park and just North of the American Legion.

Contact email: norbhuber@gmail.com