Hawthorne Happenings June 15, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from an Old Guy named Norb Huber

Fathers and the Family
Yes, as we all know, it takes two to produce a child, a mother and a father. And a whole lot of responsibility comes with conception.  Fathers get the short shaft when it comes to being recognized for their role in rearing the little ones who quickly become big ones. Some of this is justified when fathers choose to forgo their responsibility and do not stick around to help raise the child. That’s not what God had in mind when he created the family.  What a wonderful gift we have when we are part of a family.  At a wedding ceremony, the words are spoken, “and the two shall become one”.  Husbands are to love their wives and wives their husbands, forsaking others and keeping their marriage vows pure.  With all the sexual deviation going on in our world, it’s great to see a couple still in love with one another after many years of ups and downs.  They have learned to love and to forgive each other, giving of themselves to the other.  Just as a young married couple embarks on a new life together, their lives really take a dramatic turn when the little bundles of joy arrive.  Mothers are attached physically to that child.  Fathers have a choice.  They love because that offspring is flesh of their flesh.  To be a good father, selfless love must be present. For the good of the family we give up things that us guys like to do like playing golf and having a cold one with our buddies. When our kids need help with their homework, when they are playing a sport, we need to be there.  They want us there.  Love overcomes all of the things we thought we lost.  We realize that the joy of family far outweighs any accomplishment or enjoyment we can find outside of family.  Thank God for faithful fathers.  We celebrate fathers who were there for us.  Thank God that we had a role model to look up to.  Thank God for our fathers who loved our dear mothers.  These faithful fathers deserve to be recognized at least one day out of the year.  They deserve a cold one or two. Happy Fathers Day!  Celebrate family and the love we have for each other.  

8th Annual Pancake Breakfast for Holly Park – This Saturday
The Holly Park Homeowners Association will be holding their annual Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, June 17th from 8a.m to12noon at Olivet Lutheran Church.  The church is located at 2506 W. Imperial Highway in Hawthorne.  Breakfast is $5 and all proceeds will go to their scholarship fund.

Bicentennial Park to be Dedicated
The dedication of a brand new park will take place on Saturday, June 17th at 10:30 a.m.  Bicentennial Park, located at 13110 S. Doty Avenue, will be dedicated and opened to the public just in time for the start of summer vacation.

Sales Tax to be on Ballot this November
The Hawthorne City Council has voted to place a sales tax measure on the November 7th ballot to increase the city’s revenue to help maintain services.  The 0.75% increase on sales in the city will produce approximately 8 million dollars of additional, needed income to help the City of Good Neighbors remain a good city.  Without the tax increase, the City was looking at additional cuts in services such as police, fire, public works, parks and code enforcement.  Voters will get to decide whether they think this is a good move or not.  With the increase sales tax in Hawthorne will climb to 9.5%. (This does not include other tax measures that have been passed by LA County voters that will increase the total sales tax percentage.)

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