Hawthorne Happenings June 1, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from an Old Guy named Norb Huber

 Positive News
I was told that last week’s column was a downer.  I sounded grumpy.  I was complaining about my teaching job and how the lack of a clear-cut discipline system was causing me some consternation.  Well okay, my legions of loyal readers have come to expect a more positive tabloid of random thoughts coming from the OG that happens to be the CC.  I don’t want to be a phony and make up some sugarcoated, slick story that everyone thinks is cute.  I like to tell it like it is.  I have no axe to grind, no agenda to push, no name brand beer to publicize.  To tell you the truth, there are very few Hawthorne highlights to publicize this week so I have plenty of spare space to fill with my ramblings.  You won’t find fake news here.  I’m not a liberal journalist who wants to impeach the president.  I love to talk about my old lady, cold ones and God.  I love to share with you my struggles to make sense out of this world and how I find my answers in the Bible. Whenever I try to do things all on my own, I get discouraged.  I look around and things look bad. When I remember that God has given me a purpose for being right where I’m at, then I look around and I see opportunities to serve others.  That’s why we are all here, to serve and love others.  If life is just about gaining wealth for ourselves, we will never be really satisfied.  We may be a rich, old dude with no one to share our cold ones with. Each of us has been given talents to share and spiritual gifts to use for the good of others.  I pray every day that I might use my gifts to help wherever I can.  Whatever job, occupation or family role we find ourselves in, we have a purpose, we have worth.  By reminding ourselves of why we are here, we find satisfaction and joy.  Now, I feel a lot better.  No more grumbling and crying.  It’s amazing what a nice, Memorial Day barbecue with a few cold ones can do for one’s outlook.  No more complaining, just more beer.

 Historical Society to Meet at New Hawthorne Museum
The Hawthorne Historical Society will conduct their first monthly meeting at the site of the new Hawthorne Museum.  The meeting will be held next Monday, June 5 beginning at 6:30 p.m.  The museum is located at 14100 S. Prairie Avenue, just north of the American Legion hall.  You are invited to see the building that will house the City of Good Neighbors history.  New members are always welcomed.

 8th Annual Pancake Breakfast for Holly Park
The Holly Park Homeowners Association will be holding their annual Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, June 17th from 8a.m to12noon at Olivet Lutheran Church in Hawthorne.  Breakfast is $5 and all proceeds will go to their scholarship fund.

Bicentennial Park to be Dedicated
The dedication of a brand new park will take place on Saturday, June 17th at 10:30 a.m.  Bicentennial Park, located at 13110 S. Doty Avenue, will be dedicated and opened to the public just in time for the start of summer vacation. More details will be coming in future columns.

Thank You for Supporting K9 Community Dinner
Over $12,000 was raised at the community dinner in support of the Hawthorne Police Department’s K9 Unit.  Two additional dogs are needed to fill the vacancies on the team.  With the 12K, at least one dog can be trained to take their spot.  The dinner was well attended and donations came from many individuals and organizations.   

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