Hawthorne Happenings March 29, 2018

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

LA Model Train Open House
The Los Angeles Model Train Society would like to invite you to their open house entitled, “Springtime on the Great Lakes and Western” on Saturday and Sunday, April 7-8 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at their facility located at 14005 S. Crenshaw Blvd. in Hawthorne. It looks to be a great event for families to go to and have some fun watching the trains and seeing all of the work these guys have put into their life-long hobby. Please call 310-675-3361 for more information.

29th Annual Parks Foundation Golf Tournament
You are invited to the Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Foundation’s 29th Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, April 16th.  This year’s tournament is being held at the Industry Hills "Babe Course". The schedule is as follows: 10 am Registration, 11 am BBQ Lunch, 12 noon shotgun start, 5 pm dinner. If you are interested in playing or your company would like to be a sponsor, please contact Dick Huhn at 310-643-9157. All proceeds goes to the improving of our parks.

Upcoming Events on Hawthorne’s Calendar
Here a few of the upcoming events to mark on your calendar for Hawthorne Happenings: April 1: Easter Sunday – The Hawthorne/Lawndale Ministerial Association invites you to attend an area church for Resurrection Sunday. April 21: Earth Day/Service Providers Fair at Memorial Park; April 22: Volunteer Appreciation Day at Memorial Center – 2 p.m.; April 28: Relay for Life 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hawthorne HS Track (12 hours only this year); April 28: Resolve to Rise Workshop; May 12: Hawthorne 5K Run and Health Fair at Hawthorne HS Track; May 19: Hawthorne Hall of Fame Banquet – Ayres Hotel; May 24: K-9 Community BBQ Dinner. There are a lot of activities coming up in Hawthorne, get out and participate.

Historical Society to Meet
The Hawthorne Historical Society will have an open meeting on Monday, April 2 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the new Hawthorne Museum located at Jim Thorpe Park.

What’s Happening?
It’s tough to be fresh each week. How do I come up with something clever or off the wall every seven days? How can I be stupid enough every week that people would actually take the time to read this stuff?  I don’t know which way to go this week.  Do I talk about my “active shooter training” at my school that I survived?  Do I talk about spring break and how nice it will be in just 48 more teaching days to have a permanent spring break? Do I talk about Easter and/or Passover? Do I comment on Loyola of Chicago calling on a “higher power” to make it to the Final Four?  Did I mention running in to Pablo Catano at the State of the City luncheon last week?  Pablo is the former city councilman who threatened to punch my lights out at a council meeting. We are on speaking terms now. All I know is one of these days you won’t have me around to throw under the bus. Once Elon has his tunnels dug, there won’t be a bus to get thrown under.  Have you bought an original Boring Brick?  How about a flamethrower?  By the way, the flamethrowers are supposed to be delivered this coming month.  What in the heck am I talking about?  Who knows? Life is constantly in motion.  We move from one thing to the next.  I long for “down time” to rest my brain, to contemplate and meditate on the finer things in life. I’m wondering if there is a maximum age to start practicing yoga. Why worry about things like the fact that there is a shortage of qualified candidates to be police officers nationwide, or a big teacher shortage on the way due to old guys like me retiring.  These darn young people these days want gun control but play violent video games on their cell phones during Math class. I asked my physical education/health class when life begins.  One student responded by saying that he has a life goal so he has life. My goal is simply to stay alive for 48 more days of teaching so I can retire.  Life is a gift from God.  Life is simply amazing.  Live it, drink it all in, enjoy it.  Life is good, especially with a cold one in hand. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay, it’s the end of the month and my meds should be kicking in after the first.