Hawthorne Happenings March 22, 2018

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

Golf Anyone?
I would like to invite you to the Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Foundation’s 29th Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, April 16th.  This year’s tournament is being held at the Industry Hills "Babe Course". The schedule is as follows: 10 am Registration, 11 am BBQ Lunch, 12 noon shotgun start, 5 pm dinner. If you are interested in playing or your company would like to be a sponsor, please contact Dick Huhn at 310-643-9157. All proceeds goes to the improving of our parks.

Upcoming Events on Hawthorne’s Calendar
Here a few of the upcoming events to mark on your calendar for Hawthorne Happenings:    March 24: Annual “Bunny Breakfast” hosted by the Parks and Rec Department at Memorial Center.  April 1: Easter Sunday – The Hawthorne/Lawndale Ministerial Association invites you to attend an area church for Resurrection Sunday. April 21: Earth Day/Service Providers Fair at Memorial Park; April 22: Volunteer Appreciation Day at Memorial Center – 2 p.m.; April 28: Relay for Life 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hawthorne HS Track (12 hours only this year); April 28: Resolve to Rise Workshop; May 12: Hawthorne 5K Run and Health Fair at Hawthorne HS Track; May 19: Hawthorne Hall of Fame Banquet – Ayres Hotel; May 24: K-9 Community BBQ Dinner. There are a lot of activities coming up in Hawthorne, I hope to see you at a few.

Holy Week
This Sunday is Palm Sunday and the following Sunday is Resurrection Sunday, better known as Easter.  For Christians the events that are remembered, meditated upon and celebrated are the essentials to the faith that is based solely upon God’s love for human mankind.  God the Father sent his one and only Son, Jesus, to suffer, die, and arise for people like you and me who are undeserved recipients of this life saving grace. Many people have trouble believing that an event that took place over 2000 years ago could have anything to do with them.  Some readers of my column get nervous hearing me ramble on about God’s love for us or squeamish when I get on my preaching soap box.  God forces no one to accept His gift.  I don’t force anyone to read my column.  I have trouble getting anyone to read my column let alone force them to read this rag tag, off the wall, head banging gobbly goop.  If you figure out heads or tails of what I’m trying to say, let me know, cause I ain’t got any idea where I’m going with this other than I want to say we can be happy because God loves us and is in control.  Yes, I hope the Easter bunny visits your house and you enjoy a cold one or two with your family, but look at what really happened that early morning Sunday years ago and you will have a really Happy Easter.   

Another Brewery - Ximix
I know this is a Hawthorne column but it is sometimes read by people from Lawndale, El Segundo and other neighboring cities.  So, I wanted to put in a word for a fellow church friend who has worked with his partners for the past two and one half years to open up their own brewery in the city of Gardena.  The name is Ximix Craft and is located in a great looking warehouse at 13723 ½ Harvard Place. (Just North of Rosecrans and Western Ave.)  I attended their “soft opening” this past Sunday and as usual the cold one that I had hit the spot.  It was great to share a “blonde” craft beer with my church friends.  We may even have a bible study or table talk over at the site.  There would be no need to bring your own bible or bottle, we will supply both.  This is the first craft brewery to open up in our neighboring city of Gardena.  Hawthorne has two breweries now and rumors have it that there might be more.   Ever since I started telling people to relax and have a cold one, this craft brewery craze has exploded.