Hawthorne Happenings January 18, 2018

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

 The Hawthorne Business Expo
Ms. Olivia Valentine, Hawthorne council member cordially invites you to attend the 2rd Annual Hawthorne Business Expo to be held on Wednesday, January 24 from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Hawthorne Memorial Center.  There will key note speakers, seminars and vendors all there to assist local businesses prosper.  

 Pancake Breakfast
The Hawthorne Historical Society will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, February 24 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the new Hawthorne Museum located at the south side of Jim Thorpe Park at 14100 south Prairie Avenue.  Two months later on Saturday, April 28th, I will be hosting the 14th Annual “God Bless America” Pancake Breakfast at my church a couple miles south on Prairie Avenue at Ascension Lutheran Church. The exact address is 17910 S. Prairie in north Torrance. Over the years these breakfasts have become popular events.  Great food, friends and usually super weather have made it great to enjoy getting together with others to start out our Saturday mornings. Each breakfast is only $5 and proceeds go to good causes.  So mark your calendars and plan to get there before the crowds, it’s real torture smelling the bacon and hot cakes while waiting in line. Pancakes, bacon and OJ are almost as good as having a cold one.  Let me know if you can help at either one of these breakfasts, I would love to meet just one of my readers some day before I retire from this labor of love.

 We Are Goners! (At least that’s what it says on my cell phone)
Can you imagine how you would feel if you woke up to a message on your cell phone stating that there was an incoming ballistic missile headed your way and it was not a warning but it was the real thing?  That is what happened to our 50th state last Saturday morning.  For 38 minutes people thought the worst was about to happen.  I can only imagine how many prayers were said, how many frantic phone calls were made and how many people really didn’t know what to do.  The question around here has always been are you ready for the “big one”?  A massive earthquake has been in our future since who knows when?  A bigger question is, are we ready to meet the big guy in the sky?  If you know the big guy is in charge, why worry?  

 Not Too Early for Golf
The Hawthorne Parks and Rec Foundation’s annual Golf Tournament will be held on Monday, April 16th at a new site this year.  The course at Industry Hills has been selected to challenge the best of golfers.  My foursome won this event last year but I hear that this new circuit is extremely difficult.  So, if you like a challenge, make plans to play, just remember to bring plenty of extra golf balls, we both might need them.

 Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day
Wow! There are going to be some people not giving up their chocolates for Lent this year.   The Lenten season begins on Valentine’s Day this year, March 14th.  A lot of guys take the safe way out, they give the traditional flowers and candies.  What are our ladies supposed to do, accept the candy, look at it and put it away for forty days until Easter arrives?

 Party without the Football Game?
Many of us have decided to not watch NFL football this year.  To be honest I really haven’t been watching pro football for the past several years.  With our national anthem being used as a stage to protest our social injustices, I have found better things to do.  Now the question becomes what do we do on Super Bowl Sunday?  Do we still have a party?  Do we attend a party if invited?  Do we eat all the great finger food?  Do we have a cold one or two?   What the heck?  Who needs football to party?   It’s like who needs Jesus to celebrate Christmas?  A holiday is a holiday.  Maybe I’ll just watch the commercials. With Jesus and a cold one, there wouldn’t be a need to protest anything. I wonder if I could get elected to higher office with, “Love, Peace, Chill Out and have a Cold One”.