Hawthorne Happenings January 11, 2018

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

 Ramona Neighborhood Meeting –This Thursday
The Ramona Neighborhood Association will meet this Thursday, January 11th at 7 p.m. at Ramona School. There is something neat that happens when community members come together to talk about their neighborhood and the issues that are important to them.  Make an effort to get out and attend.

 The Hawthorne Business Expo
Hawthorne council member Olivia Valentine cordially invites you to attend the 3rd Annual Hawthorne Business Expo to be held on Wednesday, January 24 from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Hawthorne Memorial Center.  There will be keynote speakers, seminars and vendors there to assist local businesses prosper.  This event has grown each year and we look forward to an even bigger event this year.

 Make it Great in One Eight
I usually start the year out with some stupid poem or a list of my resolutions.  Why might you ask do I continue to write this column?  Why do I make a fool of myself by telling everyone to have a cold one because God loves you and Jesus died for your misdeeds?  Why do I beat my head against the refrigerator trying to come up with something novel or funny to say in these weekly ramblings?  (By the way, I looked up “ramblings” and here is what the internet says: If you describe a speech or piece of writing as someone's ramblings, you are saying that it is meaningless because the person who said or wrote it was very confused or insane.) So, I guess take my column for what it is, weekly ramblings.  After 40 and one half years of teaching you would be confused and insane also.  Any way you squeeze it, I look at my ramblings as a way to give back to my readers, a way to brighten their day, a way to get them to loosen up and laugh at themselves.  We’re all in this together, why not have fun along the freeways of life in the big city and stop to smell the exhaust fumes?  The truth is, life is short, we only have one life to live here on earth, none of us are perfect, we all fall short, bad things happen, but there is life after death, those who recognize their shortcomings and their need for a savior have that new life already.  When we put everything that happens here on earth into that “big picture” we start to look at things in a different light.  We see that other people are just like us.  We can accept one another for who we all are.  So, I might be insane but you can accept me as a rambling idiot and love me for who I am.  I love you regardless of how stupid you think my column is.  Look at the world from the “big picture”, have a cold one and breath the clean fresh air of January.  Let’s make one eight great!