Hawthorne Happenings August 24, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

 Destination or Departure City?
As I sat and listened to the Boring Company and several environmental attorneys present the case for the Hawthorne test tunnel to be dug under 120th Street last night I realized I was witnessing history.  The preliminary agreement was approved.  As City Clerk, I sign off on any agreements.  My John Doe is there for the record.  I was witness to the start of a new way to travel.  While thinking of all of the fame this will bring me, I came up with the solution to our “mall problem”.  The end of the two mile tunnel is at Hawthorne Blvd and 120th Street.  Just south of the termination point is a vacant plot of land that has been waiting to become something great.  Turn the Hawthorne mall property into the transportation center of the region, the country, the world. What in the heck am I talking about?  Let’s go for it.  Let Elon dig tunnels all over SoCal.  Make the mall property the grand central station to enter and exit this web of connected tubes.  Dig one over to LAX and shoot people over on a train directly to the terminals.  People would park in Hawthorne and jet to anywhere in the world.  Dig a tunnel to the NFL stadium.  Dig a tunnel to the beach. What the heck, why not let SpaseX build a launch pad on top of the parking structure and start selling tickets to Mars.  Since the tunnels are only designed for electric cars, I think that we could solve our parking problems if every Hawthorne resident would have access to a shared, new Tesla to commute to work with.  Bingo! No more parking problems.  Let’s go for it.  Hawthorne has always been a launching pad to greatness, let’s blast off and leave poor old MB and Torrance in the dust. I really think Elon would like my idea.  (He owes me big time.)

 Who’s Going To Take My Place?
I’m excited about the upcoming school year, which begins next week for me. That’s because I can see the end of the tunnel. I only have 180 more days in which to mold young minds. (But who is really counting?). This will be my final year in education after forty. I received my class schedule and I get to teach one period of Physical Education and two periods of Math. I have not taught PE in over thirty years, but because I have a credential in that subject, it automatically qualifies me to teach kids how to stretch and move. My question is who will take my place when I retire?  If you have not heard, there is a big teacher shortage in America.  49 states do not have enough qualified Math instructors to fill our classrooms.  Young people are not entering the teaching field.  Math and science majors receive a much higher salary in the tech field.  Next year, we will be short over 100,000 teachers to teach the next generation of kids. Closing the education and economic gaps between the top and low performing students is difficult.  Most of the time the low performing schools get less qualified or non-certified teachers who are new to the profession.  Which leads me back to my question.  Maybe some time in the past you have considered being a teacher.  Maybe you sat in a classroom years ago and thought that you might enjoy being the one in charge, the one making the difference in the lives of kids.  YOU are needed.  There are many programs designed for making a career transition into teaching a smooth one. Email me and I can hook you up with a counselor who can let you know what it would take.  If you are a young person, please consider being a teacher.  Yes, it is a lot of work, but there are perks to the job and the bottom line is that you can feel a really sense of worth knowing that what you have done has “made a difference”.  You have an opportunity to make America better. So, let me know if you want to take my place.  While you are at it, let me know if you want to be City Clerk when I’m gone.  Let me know if you want to write a weekly column that five of your relatives read if they have nothing else better to do. Let me know if you want to spend your leisure time telling others to have a cold one. I won’t last forever, none of us will.  I just hope they have cold ones in that place I’m headed.  If Jesus can make wine out of water, he should be able to make a mighty fine brew.

Bottle or Box?
Speaking of wine, here is another tip I received from one of my readers: Wine in a box may get a bad rap compared to its bottled brethren, but there is at least one distinct advantage to pushing that rubber spigot to fill your glass with red Franzia. Boxed red or white wine can stay good for four to six weeks after opening, thanks to vacuum-sealed bags that prevent air from getting in and spoiling the wine through oxidation.  My only question is why would anyone wait four to six weeks to drink the thing?

Museum Works Continues
This Saturday starting at 9 a.m. we will be working on the new Hawthorne Museum.  You are welcome to join in on helping to display our rich history.  The museum is located at 14100 Prairie Avenue.  Good Neighbors Day and the museum’s grand opening will take place on Saturday, September 16th at 10 .m.

Come out and get involved.

 Contact email: norbhuber@gmail.com