Hawthorne Happenings July 6, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

 Did you miss me?
I missed you guys. I’m sorry I didn’t warn you that I would be leaving on my annual fishing trip and would not be around to fill you with words of off-beat wisdom and my usual random mental tips.  I’m sure all of you know the solution to not having a weekly dose of HH to consume. The liquid consumption that I preach to you to solve all of your problems is much more enjoyable than a quick read of a long-winded, want-a-be preacher, semi-politician, who endorses a “gospel of cold ones”.  Anyway, I hope that all of you are doing well during these summer days.  Our “men-only” fishing/camping/drinking/fellowshipping trip is going on 28 straight years.  I refuse to tell you the name of the lake that we go to; we don’t want anyone else to know about it.  I raise the question of why did God create such a beautiful world that very few people get to see? In this urban setting, we see cars, more cars, streets and buildings.  Out in “nature” we see butterflies, birds, German Brown Trout, water and more water, snow-capped mountains, sun and clouds during the day, and so many stars at night I could not count them even if I did have to get up out of my tent several times in the dark to relieve myself.  I just can’t believe all of this came together by chance.  The earth is a result of a Big Bang?  All of this beauty evolved?  The evidence is overwhelming. There is a God Creator.  There is a “big guy up there”.  And the good news is that He loves you and me.  Humans are His crown jewel.  No other species can cry and laugh like us.  We’re the only ones that can enjoy sipping on a cold one while watching the Dodgers win another game.  So, stop your worry, the Dodgers will win the World Series some time in this century.  Don’t rely on yourself or you cold ones to get you through.  Trust the Almighty One.  When you look at life knowing who is in charge, everything seems to fit in place. You don’t have to get right with God.  He just wants you to trust Him.  Okay, my sermon is getting too long; I’m making up for my two-week absence.   Just forget the read, go enjoy life.

 Ramona Neighborhood Association to Meet
Hawthorne Police Chief Robert Fager will be the featured speaker at the Ramona Neighborhood Association meeting to be held this Thursday, July 6 beginning at 7 p.m. at Ramona Park.  The HPD mobile substation will be on display and attendees are encouraged to bring lots of questions for the police representatives and a lawn chair to sit on.  The HPD is installing video security cameras in many of our city’s parks and also doing a lot of innovative things to keep our city safe.  Even if you do not live in the Ramona Tract, you are very welcome to attend this informative meeting.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
You are invited to the grand-opening and ribbon cutting ceremony to be held for the new Hawthorne Auto Square located at 11646 Prairie Avenue in Hawthorne.  The ceremony will take place at 12 noon on Saturday, July 8th.  The featured honored guest will be California State Treasurer John Chiang.  There will be good food, a live broadcast by Power 106 radio and many local dignitaries to rub shoulders with. Drive North on Prairie Avenue until you get close to the 105 Freeway and you will see the large, two story structure on your right.  The Awad family is proud to do business in Hawthorne and has invested heavily in our community.  We congratulate them on their expansion.

Historical Society Update
The next meeting of the Hawthorne Historical Society will be held on Monday, July 10 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the new Hawthorne Museum located at 14100 S. Prairie Avenue.  (It’s at the south end of Jim Thorpe Park and parking is just south of the Museum.)   Former Mayor Danny Juarez has been elected as our new Society president and has been diligently working to make the Museum happen.  The first of many work days is scheduled for Saturday, July 22.  Able bodies are needed to move furniture and lift boxes so that the history of our great city can go on display.  Good Neighbors Day and the grand opening of the Museum are planned for Saturday, September 16 at the Jim Thorpe Park site.  Call Danny at 310-643-6139 if you would like to get involved or with any questions. 

Contact email: norbhuber@gmail.com