Hawthorne Happenings February 9, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

It’s down
If you have not been by Hawthorne City Hall lately, you have not seen the change of landscape that took place last week.  The old police station across the street on 126th is no longer.  The heavy machinery moved in and in a matter of a couple of days, the building was demolished.  There is still much clean up to take place.  Once the site is cleaned up then the construction of two hotels can begin.  

Golf Tournaments
Two tournaments are coming up.  Please contact me if you would like to play in either one or both:  The Lutheran Open on Monday, February 20th at 8 a.m. at Coyote Hills Golf Club in Fullerton.  The Hawthorne Parks & Recreation Foundation Golf Tournament is on Monday, April 10th at 12 noon at Coyote Hills Golf Club.  These are two good days to get out of the office and enjoy some sunshine following our rainy season. 

Big Pancake Breakfast Planned
The 2017 Historical Society’s “God Bless America Pancake Breakfast” will be held Saturday, February 25th at the VFW Post located at 4562 W. 131st Street from 7-11 a.m.  A $5 ticket will get you all the pancakes that you can eat.  You can’t beat that for a bargain.  Tickets can be bought at the gate.  Come early to avoid the crowd.                              

Citizen of the Year Nominations
The Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations for the Hawthorne Citizen of the Year Award. Nominations must be in the chamber office by noon on February 28th. Written nominations may be hand carried or emailed to the chamber at 12519 Crenshaw Blvd, Hawthorne. Send email nominations to:  sherice.baker@thehawthornechamber.com. Telephone contact is 310-676-1163.

“It Never Rains in Southern California”
You must have been colonizing Mars the past three months if you really think it never rains around here. “Rain, rain, go away, come back again some other day” is more of the feeling of many of us who are not used to this constant river of rain storm after rain storm.   Lyrics to songs, like slogans of old, are catchy but don’t always hold up to the truth.  How true is the phrase, “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”?  How many times have we really wanted to get somewhere only to find out that we had it better where we were before? The latest falsity that we have to deal with is “fake news” or “alternative truths”.  We are told not to believe everything we see posted online.  So, what is absolutely true?  Many of us build our life’s foundation on the absolute truth of the bible.  We believe that God’s Word is “inerrant”, which means without error.  The bible was written by men and inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and for training. What more do I need?  How do I know the bible is true?  Through faith.  The more I read, mark and study the bible, the more faith I have, and even the faith that I have is a gift from God. There are going to be sunny days and rainy days in our lives, but we can face every day with confidence knowing that God loves us. It sure helps to have an umbrella handy some days.      

Upcoming:  City Council Meeting – Tuesday, Feb. 14 – 6 p.m.  Council Chambers

Contact email:  norbhuber@gmail.com