Hawthorne Happenings December 21, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

 Winter Wonderland Spectacular This Thursday

The Hawthorne Parks and Community Services Department of the City is sponsoring a "Winter Wonderland Spectacular" for kids of all ages on Thursday, December 21st from 6 to 9 p.m. at Memorial Park.  There will be a snow slide, winter play area, carnival games and prizes.  Santa will be there for photos with the kiddos.  Hot cocoa, food and much more are all on the schedule.  The cost is $5 for ages 1-11 years and $7 for 12 years and older. So mark your calendars. There will be a 21 day countdown for Santa to arrive, so be on the lookout for Santa sightings throughout Hawthorne.  

 Hawthorne Business Expo

Councilmember Olivia Valentine is spearheading the event once again this coming year to help our local businesses succeed. The date is set for January 24th at the Memorial Center.  We look forward to having even more vendors there to provide excellent information and offer services to allow our small business owners an opportunity to not only survive but to thrive.

 Hawthorne is Hip, Hawthorne is Cool

An article last week in the LA Times highlighted the great things happening on the east side of Hawthorne these days.  SpaceX, Tesla Design Center, the Boring Company, the LA Ale Works, two Marriott Hotels being dropped into place over by City Hall, the new Arts District all contribute to Hawthorne becoming a hip place to set up shop.  Things are really cracking now that SpaceX has jettisoned the negative press on the City of Good Neighbors.  Everyone loves a winner and Elon’s team is winning.  Everyone wants to be around something exciting.  Now, it’s cool to say you have a business in the warehouse district around Crenshaw Blvd.  Amazon Fulfillment is over there on El Segundo Blvd.  The Green Line Housing development is ready to take off.  Hawthorne is HIP now.  The Times article even said that Hawthorne was a destination city for people looking for a startup location. Pretty soon someone will even say it’s groovy to live and work in our fine city.  If you are old enough to know what it means to be groovy then I know why you are reading my column.  You come from the old school days when newspapers were THE way to find out the latest news.  There were no morning news TV shows, no internet, no twitter, no texting, no president insulting or attacking his enemies before we awake. Hawthorne is on a roll, it’s nice to be rolling in the right direction.  

 Thank You for Reading

My readership must be growing, judging by the responses I get.  It is probably up from 5 to maybe 8 this past week. Wow! A 60% increase in readership!  One reader wanted a nativity scene, which I delivered personally.  One reader thanked me for reminding her of the way Hawthorne used to be.  One said that he wants to have a cold one with me after I retire from my teaching job. (I told him I don’t drink.)  One reader came up to me and told me he enjoyed reading my ramblings.  Of course all of my relatives have either stopped reading my column or they think I’m full of it. I’m “over” all of this crap. My old lady knows I’m a knucklehead.  I don’t give a darn what my readers think, I don’t write to please anyone.  I write to let my “inner self” out.  This is the one time all week when I have the opportunity to “let loose”.  I can say things like, “thank you Mr. Trump for giving a lot people enough money to buy my nativities”.  Since I’m a “lame duck” teacher, city clerk and columnist, I can pretty much say anything I darn well like.  As a Christian I have been set free to live, really live.  If you don’t know Jesus whose birthday we are celebrating, I feel for you.  Jesus has set me free to live and to love and not worry about what others may think of me.  He was born to bring life.  Jesus is everything and all that I need. My Christmas prayer is for more people to come to know this Jesus as their savior. Going to church may be “old school” but it works for me.  I find the strength and courage to live life when I know who God is and how he loves me so much.  Take out your Bible this Christmas and read Luke 2, John 3, Galatians 2:20 and Romans 8:28.  Read and remind yourself of some of God’s promises, then walk over to your refrigerator and pour yourself a nice cold one.  Life is to be lived.  Live it well. Live it in freedom, freedom from knowing whose birthday we toast.  Time for a merry birthday party.  A most, blessed Christmas to all of my readers.  Merry Christmas!