Hawthorne Happenings December 14, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

 Winter Wonderland Spectacular
The Hawthorne Parks and Community Services Department of the City is sponsoring a "Winter Wonderland Spectacular" for kids of all ages on Thursday, December 21st from 6 to 9 p.m. at Memorial Park.  There will be a snow slide, winter play area, carnival games and prizes.  Santa will be there for photos with the kiddos.  Hot cocoa, food and much more are all on the schedule.  The cost is $5 for ages 1-11 years and $7 for 12 years and older. So mark your calendars. There will be a 21 day countdown for Santa to arrive, so be on the lookout for Santa sightings throughout Hawthorne.  

Hawthorne Business Expo
Council member Olivia Valentine is spearheading the event once again this coming year to help our local businesses succeed. The date is set for January 24th at the Memorial Center.  We look forward to having even more vendors there to provide excellent information and offer services to allow our small business owners an opportunity to not only survive but to thrive. (That sounds pretty good for a “wantabe” columnist.)

 Another “Hawthorne Story”
Life is full of stories.  Every one of us have stories to tell from our past.  Some of us have lived in Hawthorne for a few years, so we have “Hawthorne” stories to look back upon.  Maybe it was the day we got street sweeping tickets on all three of our cars parked out on the street because we thought it was a holiday and they were not going to give out tickets.  Maybe it was when we went to the Hawthorne Plaza mall and bought some Christmas presents at the May Company and walked over to the movie theater and watched a Star Wars movie.  Anyway, eight years ago on December 7th, 2009, I was sworn in as city clerk at the city council meeting held that evening. That was an emotional day for me.  Not because of being sworn in but because of what took place early that morning.  At that time my nativity business was operating out of my garage and I had loaded up my 2002 Tundra with nativity boxes to take to FedEx that morning.  I started my truck up in my driveway and went back inside because I had forgotten something.  I came out of the back door and low and behold someone was backing my truck out of the driveway and taking off with it.  I started to yell and tell him to stop.  I ran down the street chasing after him.  My neighbor was going to work and told me to hop in his car and we took off after the would be truck bandit. I dialed 911 and called to ask for police help.  We raced up Inglewood Avenue, followed him over to the 405 freeway, and after 15 minutes of pursuing him he lost us in traffic on the 405 going north. The 911 operator told us to stop chasing him.  Still no sign of police cars.  I told my neighbor to exit the freeway and we returned to my neighborhood. Hawthorne PD finally caught up with us to take my report as I was standing in front of Rite Liquor.   Two nights later, I got a call asking if I was the owner of a white, Tundra.  Luckily, authorities had interrupted the stripping process before it had gotten too far.  I got my truck back.  The question that we all have had ever since is what was the reaction of the bandit was when he tore open our boxes to find Jesus in the box instead of big screen televisions.  The Lord works in strange ways.  Now you know the reason why I started having cold ones.

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