Hawthorne Happenings November 15, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

New Tax Rate                                                                                                                    

Several people have asked me when Hawthorne’s new sales tax rate will go into effect.  It may take until March or April before the rates are put in place.  The City Council must first certify the election results.  Then the Board of Equalization must implement the rate adjustment and give all businesses notice.  Also, the citizens oversight committee for Measure HH will be put into place around this same time period.  Applications for this committee will be available in the City Clerk’s Office in the spring.

Winter Wonderland Spectacular

The big one is coming.  We haven't had the big Turkey Day yet, but the holiday of all holidays is here.  The Hawthorne Parks and Community Services Department of the City is sponsoring a "Winter Wonderland Spectacular" for kids of all ages on Thursday, December 21st from 6 to 9 p.m. at Memorial Park.  There will be a snow slide, winter play area, carnival games and prizes.  Santa will be there for photos with the kiddos.  Hot cocoa, food and much more are all on the schedule.  The cost is $5 for ages 1-11 years and $7 for 12 years and older. So mark your calendars. There will be a 21 day countdown for Santa to arrive, so be on the lookout for Santa sightings throughout Hawthorne.  

Thanksgiving Luncheon

The Hawthorne Ministerial Association is hosting a thanksgiving luncheon for seniors and low income individuals on Thursday, November 16th at noon at the Hawthorne Memorial Center. The association hosts this luncheon annually to give our seniors a great meal to enjoy during the Thanksgiving holiday period. 

Council members and Chamber to help this holiday period

Hawthorne City Council members and the Chamber of Commerce will be giving away food and good cheer this Thanksgiving and Christmas time.  Council member Angie Reyes English hosts her annual Operation Gobble and Mayor Pro Temp Awad gives generously to the community with turkey and food give aways at the Hawthorne Auto Center.  The Hawthorne Chamber gives food and toys away annual to needy families living in Hawthorne. 

Thanks Living

Every day we can wake up thankful or grumpy. We can choose to be mad about something or appreciate the fact that we are alive and well.  We have choices in life. God gave us emotions.

He gives us a mind to figure things out. When we see the big picture, sometimes things that seem so important are not that at all.  When we see close friends or loved ones diagnosed with illnesses or diseases or when we lose someone in our circle of friends, it reminds us of how short life can be. A dear, older lady at my church was called home this past week.  She was full of health and vitality up until three weeks ago.  Then it was a short time before the Good Lord called her home to be with Him.  If we see the brevity of life, why would we want to live our days here on earth with a frown and be angry with others?   Be thankful this week for life and health.  Let’s live with thanksliving in our hearts.    

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