Hawthorne Happenings November 9, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

 Voters say YES on HH
A landslide took place in Hawthorne this past Tuesday.  Where in the heck is there a hill in Hawthorne for it to slide, you might ask?  The landslide took place at the polling booths and through the absentee ballots that were cast in favor of Measure HH.  Close to 70% of the voters gave Hawthorne the YES that was needed to keep the City headed in the right direction.  Less than a penny for every dollar spent in sales taxes is a small price to pay to keep our Police, Fire and our City services operating at full force.  The morale of our city employees has been lifted.  The City Council can now move ahead with plans to make Hawthorne a viable city to compete for jobs and businesses to come to our fine city.  The Measure will give everyone something to be happy about. Unlike the 12 cent gas tax that recently went into effect, you and me will probably not even notice what HH tacks onto our purchases.  Just know that the City is better for it and let's move on to making a better City of Good Neighbors. Thank you Hawthorne for making the right choice.

Celebrate Veterans and their Holiday
The public is being invited to attend a party, a Veterans Day party over at Dana Middle School this Saturday night beginning at 7 p.m.  The Veterans Commission of the City is sponsoring a ceremony to honor our vets, but following the formalities, they are planning to have live music, dancing, food and a real fun celebration to make things lively for us citizens who want to celebrate and enjoy a good time with those who have served our country and given us the freedoms that we take for granted. If you can’t make the party, be sure to thank any Vets that you know.   

Christmas is Coming
KRTH will begin playing Christmas music this Friday.  Costco has had Christmas decorations for sale for the past month.  The big one is coming.  We haven't had the big Turkey Day yet, but the holiday of all holidays is here.  The Hawthorne Recreation and Community Services Department of the City is sponsoring a "Winter Wonderland Spectacular" for kids of all ages on Thursday, December 21st from 6 to 9 p.m. at Memorial Park.  There will be a snow slide, winter play area, carnival games and prizes.  Santa will be there for photos with the kiddos.  Hot cocoa, food and much more are all on the schedule.  The cost is $5 for ages 1-11 years and $7 for 12 years and older. So mark your calendars. There will be a 21 day count down for Santa to arrive, so be on the lookout for Santa sightings throughout Hawthorne. 

Wiseburn High School
Congratulations to our friends at the Wiseburn School District upon the opening of a dream building.  The Wiseburn High School has been a goal for decades.  The District has wanted to have a facility to offer nothing but the highest educational programs in the area to their students graduating from their middle school.  With the development of the Da Vinci Charter Schools, the District moved into becoming one of the most desirable for secondary students to attend in the past decade.  Families from outside of the Wiseburn District have been placed in a lottery to see who would be the lucky ones to attend the free, public high schools that offer private school education.  Graduates from Da Vinci Science have been accepted by some of the most competitive universities.  They are producing many engineers who are coming back to area companies to work and live right here in the South Bay.  The new building will also house the District offices and the Charter offices.  Congrats to all who have made this great school a reality.

Safe at Church?
Mass shootings and terrorist attacks are happening now anywhere, at any time and for any reason.  You would think that you would be safe inside your house of worship.  You would think that God would protect those people who have come to worship Him.  That is not always the case.  We live in a world of sin.  Bad things happen to good people.  Is God still in control?  How could God allow death to come to innocent children and their family members?  We search for answers.   In our deepest times of distress and worry, we find the peace of God to be there.  God IS in control.  He sent his Son to die for the sins of the entire world.  God loves us.  We cannot understand the whys of earthly tragedies, but we lean on God’s promises in His Word to comfort us.  Jesus is our Good Shepherd.  He leads to us to still waters.  He restores our souls.  Even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we will fear not, his rod and staff they comfort us.  No cold one can give me that kind of peace.  No gun can protect me like that.  We all live in this sinful world, we all can put our trust in God and we all can have that peace.  Now, since we have all the small things figured out and we are at peace with the world, God, and all of mankind, now we can enjoy that cold one. Peace and Cheers to all!      

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