Hawthorne Happenings October 5, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from Norb Huber

The month of October is here. The weather is changing.  Football is in full swing. The baseball playoffs are beginning. (Go Dodgers!) Halloween will be here soon.  Of course I can’t forget about Oktoberfest when the Germans have another reason to drink more beer. Drink Beer Day has already passed us. My ol’ lady’s birthday is this month, God forgive me if I forget that. In addition to Halloween being on the 31st of October, that same day is Reformation Day.  This year, 2017, marks the 500th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, German.  His act started a movement that still affects the way things are in our world today.  Common citizens began to read the Bible for themselves and seek the truth found therein. Luther brought about much more than a reform of the Roman Catholic Church at that time. In many ways, Martin Luther laid the groundwork for open and free education, and freedom to worship the way we see fit. No government nor church official could keep us from educating ourselves through reading and studying on our own. 

Get Right With God
This column is supposed to be an informative blog about what is going on in Hawthorne. That sounds pretty boring to me, so I have taken the liberty to expand it to include random views and thoughts that pop into my head.  I try to make the reading of my ramblings a “little break from the real world”.  I hope it’s kind of like the way watching sports used to be, a time to forget about the problems of the world. I really don’t want to talk about mass killings, anthem protests, and Obamacare.  That’s really heavy world stuff. I would rather talk about cold ones and God.  A friend of mine said that everyone needs to “get right with God” during these crazy times.  The only problem with that advice is that we don’t “choose” God.  God has already chosen us. When we are repentant and know we need help, God reaches out and saves us.  It’s not us choosing to save ourselves, out of pure love and grace, God rescues us from this world of sin and evil. He gives us life here and life after death.  Am I getting too preachy?  Okay, I’ll get to the point.  Repent and Live.  Rejoice and have a cold one.

Kiwanis Club Installation
Congratulations to Dr. Dennis Wild upon his election to be the incoming president of the Hawthorne Kiwanis Club.  This will be his second try to get things right as president of the club.  His installation banquet is scheduled for this Friday, October 6th.  All of the officers of the club will be sworn in and sent on their way to serve our community. The Kiwanis club is one of the oldest service clubs still active in Hawthorne.

Hugh Hefner died last week and will be laid to rest right next to a lady named Marilyn who lived in a foster home on 134th Street in Hawthorne many moons ago. Hugh had many girlfriends along the way, but he chose a Hawthornite to spend eternity with. Can you imagine that?  Lucky Hugh picked a “good neighbor” to sleep with.   

 Upcoming Hawthorne Events:

  • City Council Meeting: Tuesday, October 10th – 6 p.m.  Council Chambers
  • Senior Resource Fair – Thursday, October 12th at Memorial Center.
  • Hawthorne Presidents Council Community Dinner
    The Hawthorne Presidents Council will be sponsoring their annual fall, Community Dinner on Thursday, October 19 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Memorial Center.  
  • Resolve to Rise Event – Saturday, October 21st

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