Hawthorne Happenings January 26, 2017

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Looking for a Museum Site
With the agreement between the City of Hawthorne and the Marriott Hotel chain, the Hawthorne Museum is no longer.  The rich history of Hawthorne is in storage waiting for a new place to be displayed.  The Hawthorne Historical Society is looking to find a new museum site.  If you have any knowledge of a possible location, please contact us.  Our old museum was more than a place full of old photos, it was a  gathering spot, it was a place where people came together, a community of good neighbors that celebrated the past but also enjoyed the present.  We are optimistic that a new site will be found in the near future.

Parking Problems
Our Hawthorne Police Department fights our crime.  So Cal Edison tries to keep us hooked up with power. So, maybe the biggest problem we face in some of our neighborhoods is finding a place to park our cars.  The Ramona, Burleigh, Moneta and North Hawthorne areas are crowded with too many cars filling the streets.  These neighborhoods were not designed to accommodate the number of cars that the residents have registered to them.  Some residents have petitioned the city to get the Council to approve preferential parking on their block. This may work for them but it creates problems for the blocks surrounding theirs.  Essentially it forces more cars to be parked on other blocks and it doesn’t allow renters and homeowners to park in front of their own house or apartment.  Creative solutions are hard to come up with.  When these neighborhoods were laid out many years ago, families were lucky to own their family vehicle.  Garages were used to park their cars in.  Streets were open for kids to play in.  So Cal has become the car capital of the world. Every worker or student must own a car to get to work or school. Mass transit has not had much of an impact on the continued growth of car ownership.  Some day it may get to the point where residents will have to pay an annual fee to park their second or third car on the city street.  Home occupancy can never guarantee that the city will provide parking for unlimited number of cars owned by the people living at one address.  There are approximately 90,000 residents living in a five square mile piece of land with most of the land covered with housing, commercial, or industrial buildings.  There just is not a lot of room to park cars, build more houses, or expand recreational facilities.  When you think about it, it’s amazing that we can live so close to each other and still get along so well. We almost all HAVE to be good neighbors.       

Rain Storm
Wow! That was impressive.  The three inches of rain that fell in parts of Hawthorne last Sunday was historic, almost biblical.  Those are the types of storms that used to flood Hawthorne Blvd. so much that people were seen in canoes paddling to their businesses.  First a storm drainage system was installed in the 1960’s and now with a new water collection system, there was no real flooding on our main street.  The city faired pretty well considering the amount of water that fell.  I did go over to Home Depot to look for sand bags or a sump pump for my daughter’s garage which sits at one of the lowest places on her block.  I got there too late. They had sold over 100 sump pumps and all of the sand bags that they had in stock.  It worked out okay, there was very little we could have done to stop the flood from rising to eight inches in depth in her garage.  Can you imagine it raining like that for 40 days?  We received only four hours of rain and our yards started to flood.  We would need an ark if it rained for 40 days in similar fashion.  God saved eight people in that epic flood, Noah, his three sons, and their wives.  God provides a way for us to survive any flood that comes our way.  The waters may rise, the dams may burst, the drainage channels may overflow, but God throws a lifeline at us and pulls us out of certain death.  All we have to do is hold on. Hang on my friends, sunny days are here again. 

Upcoming Events:  Hawthorne Historical Society Pancake Breakfast – Saturday, February 25th VFW Parking Lot7-11 a.m.  

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