Hawthorne Happenings September 29, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Job Fair Today
“Step Into Success” Job Fair will be held on Thursday, September 29th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Memorial Center.  The job fair is sponsored by the LA County Office of Education and SBWIB.  Bring your resume and dress for success and you should walk away with a job.

 “Coffee With The Cop” National Day
The Hawthorne Police Department started the internationally acclaimed “Coffee With The Cop” in 2006.  It has spread to law enforcement agencies around the world.  The US Department of Justice now has designated the first Thursday in October as “Coffee with the Cop” National Day.  Our HPD officers will be returning to the site of the very first event at the McDonald’s on Rosecrans by Costco on Thursday, October 6th.  They will be there to talk with Hawthorne residents beginning at 8 a.m.  As we know, conversations like this are needed all across our country.

Sexual Assault Prevention Workshop                                                                                          Resolve To Rise will be hosting a sexual assault prevention workshop on Saturday, October 15 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Hawthorne Teen Center located at 3901 El Segundo Blvd.  This workshop is meant for teens and their parents to become aware of the dangers surrounding them.  Participants are asked to register in advance by calling 310-973-1091.

Pancake Breakfast and E-Waste Roundup and Shredding Event
The Ramona Neighborhood Association is planning a pancake breakfast to be held on Saturday, October 29th at Ramona Park.  More details will be forthcoming.

One Million Martians
Elon says that we could have a settlement on Mars that would have a population of one million earthlings.  He revealed his plan to send 100 to 200 space travelers to the red planet by 2026 and populate Mars in the next 60 to 100 years.  He did indicate that these travelers would have the option of returning to earth.  It would not be just a one-way ticket.  Why would we want to populate Mars?   Mr. Musk says that we have two options, either we inhabit another planet or humans will no longer live due to some disastrous event that will bring about our extinction here on earth.  Being a somewhat biblical person, this concept of living on another planet raises some very interesting questions.  The Old Testament story of the Tower of Babel comes to mind.  There is no doubt that God has given us the minds and skills to build amazing rockets and do amazing things.  From my worldview, I just wonder if we are putting our trust in our own ingenuity too much or are we trusting in God’s almighty power. 

100 Miles
Setting goals is a very admirable thing to do.  Goals are meant to challenge us to do better, give us a target to aim for, or just measure how well we are doing.  My brother-in-law who lives in Oregon has been a long distance runner for many years.  He has completed marathons; 50-mile runs, and last weekend finished a 100-mile run.  He is in his 50’s.  Wow! That is an amazing feat. I can’t even imagine what it took physically for him to keep running and not give in to his body telling him to stop all along the route.  Why did he do it?  Because of the sheer joy and sense of accomplishment of reaching his goal.  That internal satisfaction can never be taken away.  He didn’t do it to receive glory from other people.  Don’t we see the same in our lives?  Maybe not running 100 miles, but when we do something simply for our own satisfaction, it may bring us more joy than any external incentive.  You all know what I recommend you do to celebrate reaching a goal, go home and have a real, cold one.  You all know that it’s October this Saturday.  You all know what that means.  Octoberfest is here.  Let’s just skip the part about running of 100 miles and go right to the celebration part.

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