Hawthorne Happenings September 22, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

 St. Joseph’s Catholic Parish Family Fiesta
Family fun, food and carnival rides are all set for the annual St. Joseph’s Family Fiesta to be held this weekend September 23-25.  The activities open on Friday evening and conclude on Sunday afternoon.  The parish is located at 119th Street and Acacia Street, just one block east of Hawthorne Blvd.

Last Meeting
The last meeting to be held at the Hawthorne Museum of the Hawthorne Historical Society will be on Monday, September 26th beginning at 6:30 p.m.  Saturdays, October 1st and 8th are moving days for the museum.  All of our displays and memorabilia will be packed up and put into storage.  If you would like to help us move please plan to meet at the museum at 10 a.m. on either of those days. 

Rocket Man
Hawthorne has a rocket company and now we have a rocket man. Eddie Braun, who was born and raised in Hawthorne and graduated from Hawthorne High School in 1979 did something last week that his hero failed to do.  He jumped over the Snake River Canyon in Idaho.  Braun grew up dreaming of daring things to do and his hero was Evel Knievel. Eddie now resides in Manhattan Beach.

 Here is the article concerning the achievement reprinted from the Idaho Statesman:  "I wouldn't be doing this if I thought it couldn't be done," stuntman Eddie Braun told the Idaho Statesman, shortly before pressing the button that would launch him in a steam-powered rocket a few thousand feet over the Snake River Canyon in Idaho. The vehicle he piloted is called Evel Spirit, a nod toward the late, great Evel Knievel. The legendary red, white, and blue stuntman famously attempted this exact same stunt 42 years ago, but failed. Braun succeeded where his idol did not. Estimates put Braun's max velocity at 400 or so miles per hour. It took just four seconds of flight before it was time to pull the parachute. "I feel like the no-name, third-string quarterback of a junior-varsity team that just won the Super Bowl. My team got me there. I ran it into the end zone. We scored and won," Braun said in a statement after the jump. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. Evel Spirit was designed and built by Scott Truax, son of the man who constructed the X2 Skycycle rocketship that was supposed to send Knievel over the canyon all those years ago. Truax claims Braun's rocket was an exact replica of the one Knievel used in his failed attempt. But Braun is quick to admit Knievel could have completed his stunt. "I like to say I'm not doing something that Evel Knievel couldn't do. I'm simply finishing out his dream. How many people get to finish the dream of their hero?"

So Long to Vinnie
1958 was a different time in Hawthorne.  Before aerospace expanded to bring all of those Midwest engineers in to design planes, Hawthorne was a quiet, little suburb of Los Angeles that people passed through to get to Redondo Beach or PV.  Cars had AM radios in them.  The big console radios and phonographs that sat in the living rooms were being replaced by this picture box that showed black and white shows and live news events.  The spring of 1958 is when Vin Scully started coming into people’s lives and becoming their best friend.  How could you not like someone who spoke so eloquently?  He painted a picture of what was going on at the Coliseum for the first few years then at Dodger Stadium for the past 55.  He gave the listener trivia but in a soothing sort of way.  His stories were not just about baseball but funny and personal stories about players or coaches or anything newsworthy.  I say this with total respect for the man who announced so many Dodger victories over my beloved San Francisco Giants. I was at Chavez Ravine for Vin Scully bobble head night the other evening.  I went because there will never be another Vin Scully.  It was a chance to be part of history.  By the end of the game, his souvenir statuette was selling on eBay for $200.  I don’t want to sell mine, like many in the crowd, we view our souvenir as “priceless”.  We know that a friend is more valuable than money and you can never put a price on great memories.  We will miss his familiar call, “It’s time for Dodger baseball.”, and “A very pleasant good evening everyone, wherever you may be.” It was always a beautiful day for baseball when Vin was announcing.  

 Wearing a Giants Hat Can Be Dangerous
I’ve been to Dodger Stadium many times in the past and have had beer thrown at me for simply wearing my SF Giants hat.  On Tuesday evening, I brought my hat but decided not to put it on until I finished my Dodger Dog and lemonade, (yes, it was cold). My Giants had taken the lead and that’s when it got a little sketchy. During the 9th inning I moved to a seat closer to where a LAPD officer was standing.  I really didn’t want my column to read, “City Clerk gets his lights punched out at Dodger Stadium”.  Needless to say I survived and my Giants hung on to enjoy one of their rare victories lately.  

Tech Tells Me How I Feel
I just read the other day that you can get an app on your cell phone that will read your body and let you know if you are happy or mad or sad or maybe even tell you that you are dead.  Since I have always worn my emotions on my sleeve, I don’t think I will be down loading this app to my phone.  My students can read me pretty well without me saying a word.  I just have to look at them and they know how I feel.

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