Hawthorne Happenings September 1, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Hotels Approved
The Hawthorne City Council approved the development set for the site of the old police station located across from the city hall.  Two Merriott will be going in with approximately 300 rooms.  When fully up and running sometime in 2018 they are expected to generate approximately $2 million in sorely needed income for the City.  The expected nightly rates will be somewhere in the $170-$180 range.  This hotel project will be the first of a high scale build east of the 405 freeway.  There seems to be a real demand for more hotels rooms for business and leisure travelers.  Now, we wait for the big elephant in the room, the old mall to be developed.  I want to be there when this council votes to approve a plan, any plan, to wipe this monster off our map.  It’s going on 20 years since we have seen anything but decay going on over on the Blvd.  Wow, Hawthorne may actually become a real city again with shopping and dining.  If the City Clerk ever gets to sign the documents to have something happen at that site, I just might have two of those drinks that I always talk about in this weekly blog of personal insights. Who said this had to be Hawthorne Happenings?  Maybe we’ll change it to Huber’s Happy Hawthorne Homilies?  

Rubbing Shoulders
I’ve never been one who gets overly excited about meeting a celebrity in person. I really don’t get overly impressed when a professional athlete or actor is in the room.  But last Friday I was at the banquet following a golf tournament and Michael Reagan was introduced to the gathering.  He was sitting at the table next to us.  Michael is the eldest son of former president Ronald Reagan.  I have always admired President Reagan for what he did for our country.  So I went over and introduced myself, got someone to take a photo and exchanged a few words with someone who I rubbed shoulders with.  Just a short conversation but it was a connection to our proud American history.  President Reagan may not have always made the right decision but he sure made us proud to be Americans.  Today when we have people sitting during the national anthem to protest, we need a leader like Reagan to bring us together.  I wish we all could feel that unity of American spirit and pride once again.  That would go a long ways to soothing the mistrust many Americans feel these days.

It’s Back to Work
I started teaching this week marking the start of my 40th year in education.  This is the first year that I can remember ever starting school prior to Labor Day.  August 31st still seems like summer to me.  The Labor Day weekend end marks the end of summer.  College football season begins.  AYSO soccer starts.  The leafs change colors and fall to the ground, whops, that’s everywhere else except for SoCal.  Fall is a good time of the year.  My granddaughter went to her first day of kindergarten and my grandson went to preschool for the first time.  Life goes on.  Seasons pass and Christmas shopping has already begun.

Four people that I knew died last week.  Two were in their 90’s, one was 80 years of age and the youngest was 46.  You really never know when your time will come.  Each day is a gift.  I spoke at my former student’s funeral today.  She died at 46 from cancer. Lisa earned her doctorate in phycology and worked in our prisons trying to help inmates turn their lives around in a positive direction.  A Christian funeral is different than non-Christian funerals.  A Christian funeral is for the family and friends of the deceased to be reassured of their loved one’s salvation in Christ Jesus.  The end of an earthly life yes, but the beginning of an eternal life is what gives the bereaved a certain peace.  Without Christ in my life I would be scared to death of death, with Christ I know where I’m going and I know that I’m ready at any time. Please have a cold one for me after my funeral and just be happy.  Why wait til I die?  Be happy! 

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