Hawthorne Happenings August 11, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

We all like to compete.  We all like to compare ourselves to others or even compete against what we think our best self is.  We all like to win or at least beat out one of our friends. It’s fun knowing that we were successful at something.  We feel a sense of accomplishment.  It may not be much more that staying in better shape that our coworkers. We feel healthier and look better than the friend who comes to work with two large donuts and a Starbucks coffee every morning. With the Summer Olympics on the tele 24/7 we see that the world likes to compete, countries against countries, teams vs teams, individuals trying to beat the other guy or gal.  Who is the strongest, the fastest, or the best trained to win the gold medal.  I find myself competing more with what I think I'm capable of doing that what reality tells me.  I really think I can shoot a 79 in golf but I never do.  Maybe old age, maybe not enough practice, maybe just my muscle acuity doesn't allow me to swing the club consistently enough to avoid those double or triple boogies. It's frustrating not achieving what I think I can. It's the challenge of trying to reach my goal that keeps me going. That sounds like a good lesson for life.  Look at whatever is holding you back or hindering you from moving on.  Keep on trying to overcome those challenges.  Don't give up, just press on to get better each day.  Oh yeah, and don't forget to have a cold one along the way to celebrate your efforts.

Everyone knows that we will be going to the polls, or in some cases staying away form the polls, this fall to elect a new president.  But, it looks like a lot more will be on the ballot.  Locally, the Centinela Valley Union High School District has placed a $105 million bond on the ballot for the completion of the construction remodel of our three, local comprehensive high school campuses, Hawthorne, Lawndale and Luezinger High Schools. Voters will decide whether or not additional property taxes will pay for this measure.  Some of these local ballot items have more of an effect on homeowners than who the commander and chief is.  It certainly will be an interesting campaign season.  Something for upcoming elections to look for is that the state legislature has mandated that cities with low voter turn out, like Hawthorne, to consolidate their local election to an even numbered year. So, by 2020, our local city council and mayoral election will have to be moved to coincide with the state or federal elections on even numbered years.  Other local cities are dealing with this issue also.  The city council will have to decide whether to extend the terms of some council members or cut them short.  We shall see how this plays out in the next couple of years.

Hawthorne Olympian
Dr. James W. Kelsey has been in practice in Hawthorne for many years as an optometrist.  He competed and won medals in the Olympics in the sport of water polo.  If you need your eyes checked Dr. Kelsey is the man to see.  You’ll get to see his medals if you visit his office on Hawthorne Blvd. 

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