Hawthorne Happenings June 23, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

“Sunshine Superman” Screening
This Monday, June 27th at the Hawthorne Museum the Hawthorne Historical Society will be showing the recently released movie entitled, “Sunshine Superman”.  It is the story of Carl Boenish, the Hawthorne resident who invented BASE jumping.  The somewhat tragic story is very moving and the scenic photography in the movie is spectacular. The screening will begin at 6:30 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.  Come out and see a great movie and meet some good neighbors.

Airplane Flight Patterns
First it was red light cameras, the next week I moved on to the homeless problem, and last week we took on illegal fireworks. Here’s another Hawthorne problem that has been going on for quite some time and there is no real fix to it.  This week’s problem are low flying airplanes passing over our homes illegally.  Yes, the FAA has flight patterns that pilots are instructed to follow. Jet airliners departing LAX are to fly out over the ocean and turn North or South when they are at a certain altitude.  There have been times in the middle of the night where I hear a plane and it sounds like its coming right into our bedroom.  I live in the Ramona tract and I’ve been able to read the numbers on the jet’s wings.  Now, since a single engine test flight plane came down on a town house on Broadway, we find out that the small aircraft pilots are to make a turn over the closed Hawthorne Mall and turn down Hawthorne Blvd. instead of traveling over the residential neighborhoods to the west of the Hawthorne Airport.  Even the traffic controllers are not always following the designated take off and landing procedures that are in place for our city’s airfield.  Let’s just hope that the crash that occurred recently will lead to enforcement of the strict guide lines that are put in place for the safety of our neighborhoods.

Good Neighbors Day – Hawthorne United
It’s coming soon.  The 6th Annual Hawthorne Hometown Fair - Good Family Fun - Live Music on stage - Classic Car Show - Great Food - Talent Competitions - Games for the kids - Vendors - Art Walk - Historical Museum - Tours of the old Hawthorne Jail (before it is torn down) - The Hawthorne Historical Society sponsors this event with the sole purpose of providing a great summer activity for ALL the residents of Hawthorne. We want to bring all of our GOOD NEIGHBORS together to celebrate our unity and diversity. Instead of downgrading our city, let's build it up by coming together. We want to build a "closer community". Invite your friends to attend. We are looking for Hawthorne talent. If you know of an individual or a group that would like to perform please contact us. If you wish to be a vendor, exhibitor, or show your car, just let us know. Our contact phone number is 310-370-0675 or email me at norbhuber@gmail.com.) Let us be HAWTHORNE UNITED. Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 16th.  ***Special Announcement!  Late breaking news! JUST ADDED: This year we will have a “beer garden” as part of Good Neighbors Day.  So, instead of having coffee with the clerk or coffee with the cops, now you can have a “Cold One with the Clerk”.  I have to warn you that it takes very little alcohol to get me going. I may be working the event also, so you may have to hoist one on your own.  I can’t think of a better way to bring our good neighbors together than to have a fair number of our citizens enjoy a cold one in beautiful, downtown Hawthorne.  Most of our problems would disappear, at least for one afternoon.  THIS ONE’s for you Hawthorne! I can’t wait!

Car Show
It’s not too late to enter your car in Hawthorne’s Car Show to be held during Good Neighbors Day.  Every entry will receive a “goodie bag” full of nice items donated by vendors.  We will be awarding trophies to cars in several categories.  Plus, it’s just a good day to hang out with your friends.  Please contact us if you have a car you wish to enter.

A Lot of Money
Elon Musk’s Tesla Corporation made an offer to buy his other company SolarCity for $2.8 billion.  He is the primary share holder in all three of this empire’s companies.  His offer to buy SolarCity is aimed at consolidating his two electric power driven companies into one.  Considering Mr. Musk’s personal worth is estimated at $10 billion, he most likely knows what he is doing. I don’t think Hawthorne has too much to worry about SpaceX going belly up.

 Hall of Fame Banquet
In case you are wondering when the Hawthorne Hall of Fame Banquet will be held, we have decided to move it to October.  It usually is held the night before Good Neighbors Day.  It was too much work to pull off two events on the same weekend.  Information regarding the banquet will be released this summer.  

Gone Fishing
Next week I’ll be going on our annual “men/boys only” fishing trip up to the western side of the High Sierras.  This will mark our 27th consecutive summer that we have spent a week fishing, camping and drinking cold ones up at a lake named Florence.  Don’t try to go there, the road is bad and we really don’t want any company enjoying our beautiful, secret spot.  Let’s just say the fishing is terrible, the bugs are bad, and there are no campsites.  I will see ya all when I return in a week.