Hawthorne Happenings April 7, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Too Toxic To Trash
There will be a household hazardous waste and e-waste roundup on Saturday, April 9th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. over at the Betty Ainsworth Sports Center’s parking lot, located at 3851 W. El Segundo Blvd, (corner of El Segundo and Doty Ave.)  So, clean out your garage, bring in your old computers, tv’s, printers, cell phones and old paint cans.  You can’t bring in explosives, tires, refrigerators or other appliances. Here is your chance to make more room around your house.

Test Drive a Lincoln – Raise Money for Parks
On Sunday, April 17th, you can help to raise funds for the Hawthorne Parks Foundation by simply going down to South Bay Ford on Rosecrans and the 405 freeway and test driving a Lincoln.  The times are from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and there is room for 300 people to drive the new car.  The dealership will have up to ten cars available to test drive.  There is no obligation for you to buy a car. The foundation will receive $20 for every test drive.  The money raised from the event will go to support our Hawthorne parks.

Spring Break
I know some of you missed me last week, all five of you.  Since it was spring break at my school, I was blessed to be able to spend last week in “the South”.  My wife and I flew to Atlanta and drove to Savannah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Durham/Chapel Hill before flying back out of Charlotte, North Carolina.  The people were friendly, the food was great, the old houses were beautiful, and the weather was mild.  The white flowers of the dogwood trees and the purples of the blooming azaleas were great to see. We saw many historical sites of both the Revolutionary War and also the Civil War. Religion is a big part of life in those parts, with churches everywhere. We even saw Rev. Billy Graham’s library just outside of Charlotte.  Slavery and the civil rights movement were well documented at the museums.  Being a basketball guy, I was excited to see the home basketball arenas on the campuses of both Duke and North Carolina Universities.  It’s great living in and traveling to see the USA!

Spring Has Officially Begun
With the beginning of April, major league baseball has begun.  I love baseball.  Until the season begins, it just doesn’t seem like Spring has arrived. I am a Time Warner customer, so I can watch the Dodger games every night.  I find it rather amazing that 70% or more of Dodger fans do not get to watch their favorite team on their big screen televisions. After two years of this frustration you would think an agreement could have been worked out. I’m a Giant fan, so it really doesn’t bother me much.

Baseball’s Origins – Our National Pastime
Here’s a little article I came across that documents baseball’s beginnings. Contrary to popular lore, Abner Doubleday did not invent baseball in Cooperstown, New York. Doubleday never claimed to be the inventor, and there is no reliable record connecting him to the game. Who did invent baseball, then? Lots of people, over many years. It apparently developed from an old English game called rounders, which New Englanders played in colonial days. In rounders, players hit the ball with a bat and ran around bases. Fielders threw the ball at runners, and if it hit a runner who was off base, he was out (a custom known as “soaking” or “plugging” the runner). In the early days of the republic, Americans gradually transformed rounders into a game sometimes called “town ball” (because it was played on town greens in New England), “barn ball,” “base ball,” and several other names. Exactly how the game was played varied from place to place.  New York City businessman Alexander Cartwright is often called the father of organized baseball. In 1845 he founded the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York and wrote a set of rules for the game. After the Civil War the soldiers from both sides took the sport home with them, and Americans went crazy for it. Soon baseball clubs were forming all over the country, and the game quickly became the national pastime. (The American Patriot’s Almanac, William J. Bennett, 2008)

Upcoming Events:   Hawthorne Earth Day/Service Provider Fair –Sat. April 16;                 Volunteer Appreciation Day –Sun. April 24
Relay for Life – Sat. April 30 – Sunday, May 1
Hawthorne 5K Run – Sat. May 7
K-9 Community Dinner – Thurs. May 26th.

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