Hawthorne Happenings March 3, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Business Expo
The Hawthorne Business Expo will be held at the Memorial Center on Thursday, March 10th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The public is invited to check out the resources available for start-up businesses and for established companies looking for new ideas.  The City of Hawthorne, the Chamber of Commerce, and the South Bay Work Investment Board are all sponsoring this event along with many other organizations.

Bunny Breakfast
The Hawthorne Community Affairs Department annually puts on an event meant for the little ones of our community.  The Annual Bunny Breakfast will be held on Saturday, March 12 at 9 a.m.  Children and their parents are welcome to attend, but you must register ahead of time to participate.  Please call 310-349-1640 for more info.

Golf Anyone?
The 27th Annual Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Foundation Golf Tournament will be held on Monday, April 11th at Coyote Hills Golf Club in Fullerton.  Annually, this tournament raises a lot of money to provide programs and services to the residents of Hawthorne.  We are always looking for additional golfers and sponsors.  If you wish to have your company sponsor a foursome, or if you simply wish to join up with another foursome you are welcome to participate and support a great cause.  For more information please contact, Dick Huhn at 310-643-9157. Lunch and dinner are both included with your entry fees.

El Nino - Are you still coming?
The forecast for this weekend calls for rain in Southern California.  Could this be the start of a raining period?  We have heard the predictions, we have been shown the maps showing the jet stream, but so far, except for a powerful storm or two at the start of January, we have not had the big downpours we expected.  We need the snow pack to build up and provide the water we need around here.  Maybe there will be enough water to fill up my High Sierra fishing lake this summer.

Another bit of Hawthorne Trivia
Did you know that Patty Hearst and friends responded to a classified ad in the paper for a van for sale in Holly Glen the day before their famous shootout over at Mel’s Sporting Goods on Crenshaw in Inglewood.  The story goes that Patty asked the van’s young owner if they could take the van for a test drive.  Patty and her friend never came back.  The van was found the next day abandoned.  It’s just another Hawthorne story to share. Here is a short summary of what happened that day:

“SLA members William and Emily Harris walked into Mel’s Sporting Goods in Inglewood, California, to buy supplies for their safe house. While Emily paid at the register, William shoplifted some socks. A security guard noticed and attempted to arrest William Harris by placing a handcuff on his left wrist. They struggled and a .38-caliber handgun fell from William Harris’ waistband. Patty Hearst, on armed lookout from across the street in a red Volkswagen van, produced a semi-automatic rifle and started shooting out the store’s overhead sign. Shots cracked the concrete and shattered the window, and one of them ricocheted and slashed the forehead of the owner, Mrs. Huett. Everyone inside Mel’s took cover and William and Emily made their getaway with Patty behind the wheel of the van. They soon abandoned the van and took refuge in their safe house at 1466 54th Street in Los Angeles.”

Upcoming Meetings:
The City Council will meet on the 8th and the 22nd of March at 6 p.m.   The Hawthorne Historical Society’s next meeting is Monday, March 28th at 6:30 p.m. at the Museum. The State of the City Luncheon will be held on Thursday, March 24th at 12 noon at the Memorial Center.

To Make a Dream a Reality
I presented a dream to the City Council last week.  The dream is to help Hawthorne return to living up to its motto: The City of Good Neighbors.  On behalf of the Hawthorne Historical Society, I proposed that we initiate a Hawthorne 2022 committee that will work to bring back city-wide events and activities that we all can take pride in.  The dream would include an air fair, a Rose Parade float, a car show, a Christmas parade, and other cultural and community oriented activities that would bring our citizens together.  Some will say that we can’t do it.  Some will ask where the money will come from to make it happen.  I’m crazy enough to think that it can happen.  I like challenges.  I like to try to do things that others may think are impossible. We have a lot of hardworking, good people here in Hawthorne.  We can dream the dream, we can set the vision, and we can make the dream a reality, and when it does, we all can have a cold one.  

Email me at: norbhuber@gmail.com