Hawthorne Happenings March 17, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

State of the City Luncheon
Mayor Vargas will give his first State of the City address on Thursday, March 24th at the Memorial Center.  Registration begins at 11:30 a.m. with the program beginning at 12 noon.  Tickets are $50 per person and can be reserved by calling the Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce.  There are many neat things happening in our city and we will certainly be there to celebrate them with other business and civic leaders.

Cleanup Day at Holly Park
Local residents are invited to help keep their park looking good on Saturday, April 2 beginning at 9 a.m. at Holly Park located at 120th Street and Van Ness Avenue.  This special effort is being organized by Jordan Riedel, a concerned Hawthorne neighbor.  He can be contacted at jriedel44@gmail.com.  This will be a great time to meet some of your neighbors and do a service project at the same time.

March Madness
If you like to watch basketball, the next three weeks is the best time of the year.  68 D-1 NCAA universities or colleges play in the Big Dance.  All of them start with the same goal, win the national championship.  Only one team finishes their season with a win.  67 teams fall short. The term, “one and done” refers to the fact that if a team loses, they are done. There are no tomorrows. That is what makes this tournament so special.  It’s “do or die”.  The closest D-1 university geographically speaking to Hawthorne is Loyola Marymount.  LMU is located in Westchester.  I enjoy watching basketball and have been attending their basketball games for the past eleven years.  Basketball was my sport while growing up and I played two years of college ball.  After graduating, all I wanted to do is coach basketball. I ended up coaching at Leuzinger and Lutheran High School.  It was great seeing kids learn lifetime lessons on and off the court.  Being the rather emotional type, I received a few technical fouls from refs that needed to have their eyesight checked out.  I still get a little vocal when the guys in the striped shirts miss calls that go against my teams.

Blaze Pizza
My granddaughter, Jordan turned five this past weekend, so the rest of the family took her out to Disneyland to celebrate her day.  Since I have no interest in standing in long lines waiting to get on rides that I really do not enjoy, I was left to tend for myself.  I wondered over to the newly opened Blaze Pizza on Rosecrans.  The line of people placing their orders was ten or so, but it did move fast.  You get to choose what toppings you want on your pizza.  For a medium pizza, the $7.95 price seemed like a bargain.  I knew that I was going to have to write a little blurb after taking a few bites of the great tasting pizza pie.  Monday was Pi Day and Blaze sold the pizzas for $3.14.  Someone told me the line was wrapped around the building most of the day.   Welcome to Hawthorne, Blaze!

Golf Tournament
The 27th Annual Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Foundation Golf Tournament will be held on Monday, April 11th at Coyote Hills Golf Club in Fullerton.  Annually, this tournament raises a lot of money to provide programs and services to the residents of Hawthorne.  We are always looking for additional golfers and sponsors.  If you wish to have your company sponsor a foursome, or if you simply wish to join up with another foursome you are welcome to participate and support a great cause.  For more information please contact, Dick Huhn at 310-643-9157. Lunch and dinner are both included with your entry fees.

Palm Sunday – Holy Week
This Sunday is Palm Sunday in the Christian church.  On that day, Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and people waved palm branches to hail his triumphal entry.  They were thinking that he would finally ascend to be their earthly king.  But, he didn’t come to win a battle by force, he came in humbleness and in submission to God’s will.  By the end of the week he was arrested, put on trial, whipped and spat upon.  He was crucified with two other common criminals.  If the story would end there at the grave, I would not be writing this. You know what happened that following Sunday.  Of all of the world religions, Christianity is only one that does not place the onus on us.  Jesus has done all the work necessary. We just enjoy all the benefits.  I’m just a poor beggar that is given everything. Easter is everyday for me.  Time to celebrate, and you know how I celebrate!

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