Hawthorne Happenings February 4, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Norb Huber

Open Council Seat
The Hawthorne City Council has met three times trying to reach a consensus on one of the 14 applicants for filling the vacant seat on the council created by the election of Mayor Vargas.  After 16 rounds of voting so far, they have not come to an agreement.  There are two more special council meetings planned for this Thursday and Friday evenings beginning at 5:30 p.m.  If there is no one appointed, then we will conduct a special election on June 7th of this year.  The cost to the city to conduct the election will be over $80,000.

Hometown Pancake Breakfast
The 2nd Annual Hawthorne Hometown Pancake Breakfast will be held on Saturday, February 27th from 8 a.m. to 12 noon at the Hawthorne Museum.  Hot cakes, bacon/sausage, orange juice and coffee are on the menu for the event that drew a large crowd last year.  Tickets are only $5 and can be purchased at the gate.  There will also be raffle prizes and music.  There is nothing better than a great tasting breakfast outside in the fresh air and some good people to converse with.

2022 Committee
Hawthorne will turn 100 in the year 2022, which is only six years away.  In partnership with the city, the Historical Society will be looking to form a centennial committee of business, community and civic leaders who will meet to plan not only for the 2022 celebration but help to shape a vision of how we want our city to look in 2022.  One of the ideas for the celebration would be to sponsor a Rose Parade float on January 1, 2022.  The City of Hawthorne had a float in the parade for many years in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s.

 Super Bowl Sunday
There has been no word on when the City of Champions Stadium in Inglewood will host a Super Bowl.  There is no doubt that the NFL will look at having LA host one of the big games as soon as the stadium is ready for one.  This year’s game is being played in Santa Clara, CA at the new Levi’s Stadium build as the home for the San Francisco 49er’s.  I am old enough to remember watching on television the very first Super Bowl that was played in the LA Coliseum in 1966.  Who could not have imagined back then that a simple football game has become an international happening with parties, food and gambling galore.  I find Super Bowl Sunday to be a great time to go golfing or shopping since so many people are watching the game or partying.   Oh, by the way, the Denver Broncos are playing the Carolina Panthers, if your care.

Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent and is February 10th this year. Lent is the six-week period of time in the Christian church calendar that leads up to Easter.  It’s a time of repentance and reflection.  It’s a time to examine one’s faith.  Some people give up things for Lent.  Chocolate or some other fattening food may be on your list to forsake.  Like any other expression of faith, these acts are done not as a requirement but out of thankfulness to God for his goodness and grace.  Do these good works save us?  No, they are not done to save us.  We are saved and then we turn around and show our gratitude by being faithful servants to God and to one another.  I was thinking about giving up cold ones or at least not writing about having a cold one for Lent, but I guess it’s kind of like a New Year’s resolution, I ‘m not sure if I could keep from having one.  That would be a very, very big sacrifice.   

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