Hawthorne Happenings November 17, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Seniors Christmas Luncheon
The annual Seniors Christmas Luncheon will be held on Friday, December 2 at noon at the Memorial Center.  All seniors are invited to enjoy a great lunch and a lot of good social time during this special time of the year.  

The World Within Walking Distance
Have you tried Pho yet?  Pho, pronounced “fu”, is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of brothrice noodles called bánh phở, a few herbs, and meat, primarily made with either beef or chicken.  Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam and the specialty of a number of restaurant chains around the world. Pho is now served daily at a new Vietnamese restaurant at the corner of 142nd and Inglewood Avenue right here in Hawthorne.  With this new eating establishment my family can now walk from our house and try a great variety of ethnic food from Roscrans to El Segundo Blvd. on Inglewood Avenue.   Starting on the south end just north of Rosecrans we have a choice of eating at La Sirena Gorda, which means “the fat mermaid” for us gringos. They serve seafood and mariscos. It’s located in the same strip mall with Pho. Then we move up to 138thStreet and we choose between Zacatecas Mexican on the west side of the street or a longtime Hawthorne favorite Raul’s Mexican on the east side.  After stopping by for a cold one at either The Greatest or Coach’s Bar, we can proceed up to 136th Street and eat at the Al Watan Halal Tandoori which specializes in food from Pakistan and India.  If we jaywalk across the street, we can duck into the French bakery named Le Pain Du Jour. Believe me there is no pain in eating their delicious sweets and sipping on their great coffee. Say hi to Sam the owner and his wife if you choose to sit out on one of their outside dining tables. Then we walk a few steps and come to an American classic coffee shop, Mandy’s. Hollywood liked the interior of the restaurant enough to shoot a movie scene inside recently. Right at the corner of 132nd Street is Dino’s which serves up a variety of great, home-made tasting burgers and sandwiches, they must be good, the place is always busy. If you are a Moose or a Lion, you can stop for another cold one at the Moose Lodge. As we walk north, we pass by Trinity Lutheran Church.  That’s where I was got lucky and met  my old lady.  We tied the knot there 37 years ago.  If you look up to the second story of the school building you will see my first classroom that I start my teaching career in 39 and one half years ago.  Holy Cow!, I’ve lived in Hawthorne for close to 40 years.  Now you know why I need a cold one once in a while.  Finally, we come to three great places to eat just south of El Segundo Blvd.  Chubby Rice has made my column before and is attracting folks from all over the area to eat their excellent food.  Mi Zacatecas is affordable, and has great salsa.  Not to be left out, Cougar Burger is a popular stop for some of our local law enforcement people. Being on call, I have seen them have to eat and literally run when a call comes in. Who says Hawthorne has no good places to eat?  Just take a walk down Inglewood Avenue and enjoy the world.  Who needs to travel?  The world has come to us.   

Measure M and Measure A and Measure LP
All of our voter approved bond measures passed last week.  With the passage of Measure M we will be paying a ½ percent more on our sales tax in LA County.  The funds generated from Measure M allow our City to fix some of our streets in Hawthorne.  We will also have money for park improvements with the passage of Measure A.  And finally, Centinela Valley Union High School District will complete the redo of our three local public high schools.  $110 million in additional improvements were approved by 80% of the voters who voted to pass Measure LP.  

Give Thanks to Whom?
Thanksgiving is next Thursday. It’s a time to reflect on how we have been blessed. I can’t imagine a world without God.  Knowing that I was created, redeemed through my baptism, and loved by the Almighty One, makes everything right.  He gives me direction, He gives me purpose. The old saying goes: “You have to love yourself before you can love others.” For me, I would change it to say: “the more I realize how much God loves me, the more I can love others”.  So, when the nation pauses for Thanksgiving next week, who are we to thank?  Most Americans know it as a National Day of Thanksgiving, but many people don’t know whom they are thanking.  I’m thankful to the God who created the universe, the stars, the moon and every living creature.  I’m thankful to the God who knows me better than anyone, but still loves me. Every day is a mini-thanksgiving for me.  Every day I wake up thankful that I’m a child of God who is loved and forgiven.  Because of this, I can celebrate life with a cold one.  I can thank God for my readers, my friends, my neighbors and even my enemies.  So, thank God next week.  Thank the God who loves you and gives you all that you need.  Have a Blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends.    

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