Hawthorne Happenings November 10, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Veterans’ Day Event
The Hawthorne Veterans Commission is sponsoring their second annual Veterans’ Day Event this Friday, November 11th starting at 10:15 a.m. at the Memorial Center. Last year’s event was well attended.  Plan to honor our vets with your attendance. For all of the freedoms that we take for granted, we owe so much to our men and women who have put their lives on the line to protect us and preserve this great country, the greatest country in the world, the USA.

Election Results
Are you happy or upset with the results from Tuesday’s election?  We will soon have a new president. We now can smoke pot legally.  Before buying ammo for our guns we have to go through a background check. We shall see if President-elect Trump can break the logjam to bring about real change legislation on Capitol Hill.  There are still a lot of people who are in shock with the results.  They can not believe we have elected someone with no political experience and a less than sparkling moral past. Some of my students are anxious about what is going to happen in the next few years. We are still a melting pot of cultures, nationalities and beliefs.  We have been good neighbors to our friends around the world.  America is still the most kind-hearted, compassionate, and God-fearing country on the planet.  I hope and pray that we can come together even if we have diverse political thoughts and views and be united working together to keep American great. 

Robbery, Burglary, Theft or Not?
A neighbor in the Ramona Tract posted recently on Nextdoor that his neighbor had left his car unlocked one evening and he had lost his laptop and his backpack.  I had heard that if your car was not locked then the crime for taking items out of the car is minor.  So, I asked our HPD to clarify what the real story was regarding items being stolen from cars.  Here is HPD’s response: “A robbery is when you take something from someone using force or fear – so the correct term is burglary. If the car is unlocked, then it's 'theft' from the car. An auto burglary (the more serious crime) needs to have the car 'locked'/secured as a requirement. One of the reasons crime is up in certain areas is because bad habits are now being exploited by our growing criminal population. Bad habits, meaning never locking house doors, cars, house windows, etc. It doesn't matter if the car is on the street or driveway. However, if the car is in an  enclosed garage, then there's a chance you can add a 'burglary' charge by the fact of the criminal entering/breaking into that structure as well…Summary: lock/hide/secure any valuables – period. The best crime prevention is neighbors looking out for each other.”  I say, don’t make it easy for the bad guys or gals, LOCK your doors.

 Historical Society Museum
We are currently looking for a new site for the Hawthorne Museum.  Let me know if you know of a potential site for our museum. Use the email listed below. Thanks.

It’s been a couple of years now since Nextdoor came into our community.  Nextdoor is the neighborhood Facebook.  People from your neighborhood post comments for their neighbors to read.  Sometimes the posts are informative, like alerting everyone to a suspicious person at a certain location.  Sometimes the post ask for help finding a reliable gardener or painter.  Lost dog postings are common. It’s just any easy way to stay informed as to what your neighbors are up to in a non-threatening way.  If you have not joined Nextdoor yet, then simply go to nextdoor.com and follow the steps to register. It will only take you a few minutes.  There are over 300 neighbors registered in the Ramona Tract alone.

Contact email: norbhuber@gmail.com