Hawthorne Happenings October 27, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Republic Services Offers Free Event
Thanks to our friends at Republic Services we have a special event on tap for this Saturday, October 29th from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the East parking lot of the Memorial Center.  They are offering to the residents of Hawthorne the following services:  shredding, e-waste roundup, and free composting.  You can bring your paper documents to get shredded.  You can bring in your old computer, printer, television or any other electronic gadget to get properly disposed off.  And finally, you can bring in a large container or small truck in to load up on free composting material for your winter gardening.  Republic Services is our trash collection agency and they are very supportive of the community by helping to sponsor civic events.  So, bring your stuff down to the parking lot behind the Betty Ainsworth Center this Saturday morning.  Shred some waste and pick up some waste.

Ramona Pancake Breakfast
The Ramona Neighborhood Association is sponsoring their 2nd Annual Pumpkin Pancake Breakfast this Saturday, October 29th at Ramona Park from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  You really can’t beat the prices. Members of the RNA are free, non-members pay a whopping $2 for a plate of hot cakes.  So, go spend $5 on your java at Starbucks and then stop by 136th Street for a hearty breakfast outside in the fresh air.  Forecasts call for the rain to stop on Saturday morning.  Come out and breathe some clean air.

Veterans’ Day Event
The Hawthorne Veterans Commission is sponsoring their second annual Veterans’ Day Event on Friday, November 11th starting at 10:15 a.m. at the Memorial Center. Last year’s event was well attended and appreciated by the vets who were in attendance.  Plan to honor our vets with your attendance.

A Day Without
A 2004 movie entitled, “A Day Without a Mexican” was released and shown mostly in SoCal movie theaters.  It depicted, in a somewhat funny way, what California would be like if all Mexicans left the state.  The movie was not a political ad to encourage a vote for a political candidate. It was simply meant as a humorous way of looking at our culture.  Picking up on this theme, I started wondering what it would be like if we had a day without Germans?  No Oktoberfest?  No cold ones? How about a day without coffee? Wow!  That would put a lot of people on edge.  How about a day without electricity, like we experienced in Hawthorne when we had a day without power on Christmas Day?  I thought of this movie the other day when we had a cyber attack on several large websites on the East Coast.  What would happen if we had a day without the internet?   We have become so dependent upon communications from our electronic devices that life as we know it would suddenly stop.  It would be a major hardship for many of us who cannot live without our cell phones.  Have we put all of our trust into our man-made cyber infrastructure?  Ecommerce would stop.  Government agencies could not do their job. The DMV was a mess the other day. I may be more anxious about the ‘big one’ hitting our cyber cloud than the big shaky one. Whenever the worries of this world strike me, I think of one of my favorite scriptures that I have committed to memory.  Philippians 2:6-7 says, “Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  Is this election season getting you down?  Are the upcoming holidays already making you anxious? Even after having a cold one, do those nagging, negatives still keep you from getting a good night’s sleep? I find my peace in a faith that God has given me.  Whatever way you find yourself using to cope with today, we are all in this thing together.  Life will go on no matter who is elected on November 8th.  As we used to say back in the day, “Peace out” my friends.  Just don’t let the battery on your cell phone die.  That would be the end.

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