Hawthorne Happenings January 28, 2016

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

The second month of the year has always been a little different.  It’s the shortest month, so every four years we add an extra day.  2016 is one of those years.  The month is full of holidays and observations also.  It’s not too early for us guys to start worrying about what to get our honeys for Valentines Day on the 14th.  Schools usually take at least two days off in observance of our Presidents’ birthdays.  February has been designated Black History Month in the USA also.  Super Bowl Sunday has become the biggest party day of the year.  More guacamole is consumed on that day than any other throughout the year.  More money is wagered and lost on the game than any other.  If El Nino is coming with its predicted force, then February will be it.  Finally, topping all of these holidays is the biggest one of all, Ground Hogs Day on February 2nd.

Firefly takes flight in Hawthorne

Did you know that we have another space rocket company doing research and development right here in Hawthorne?  Dr. Thomas Markusic is a co-founder of Firefly and his resume includes time spent at SpaceX and NASA.  He thinks that there is plenty of room for more companies to provide economical ways to launch satellites. Firefly is located virtually in the shadow of SpaceX on Jack Northrop Avenue. The company has testing sites in Texas just like SpaceX.    


The project over at Memorial Park is the construction of three futsal/soccer fields not tennis courts as I reported last week. The Hawthorne Police Department and the Hawthorne Recreation & Community Services Department in partnership with the LA Galaxy and Chevrolet have done the work to bring soccer to a Hawthorne park.  There will be an opening event TODAY,  Friday, January 29th from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m.  There will be clinics and games for the kids.

Death and Taxes
The old saying goes like this, “There are two sure things in life, death and taxes”.  As the month of January draws to a close, we start receiving 1099’s and W-2’s for our tax preparation.  The dreaded tax season is about to be upon us. Going to our tax preparer or CPA is like going to Vegas, you never know if you are going to come out a winner or a loser. Death is similar, a lot of people don’t know if they will come out a winner or a loser.  For me, when that day comes, I know that I will be a winner.  In fact, by God’s grace and Jesus’ death and resurrection, I’m a winner already.  Jesus has paid all of my debt in full.  After my tax appointment, I may go home and have a cold one.  After my death, I will have a great feast waiting for me.  It will be great to have a cold one or two with all of my fellow saints up there in heaven. Hope to see you at the party.