Hawthorne Happenings August 6, 2015

Back to School Already 

Why do the summer months fly by so quickly?  The kids are out of school.  The teachers are relaxed enjoying their time off.  The weather is nice.  Vacations are happening.  Then all of a sudden the calendar turns over to August and the dreaded first day of school is already approaching.  LA Unified schools start in the middle of August.  Many school districts start on August 24th.  I’m fortunate to have my first staff meeting on August 31 and my first day of teaching on September 1.  Back to the classroom we go.  Back to trying to motivate high school students who don’t want to be motivated.  Back to getting to work by the time the first bell rings.  The routine of teaching is a challenge.  This will be my 39th year of teaching and I remind myself every year of why I chose to become a teacher.  I want to help others, even those who don’t want to be helped. I’m totally convinced that the more we reach out to help others and be concerned about their needs, the better we feel about ourselves.  If we only worry about our needs, we become inward thinkers and are in a constant battle to try to always elevate ourselves and make us look better than others.  If I lose myself in my passion for helping others, I find myself happy and content with who I am.  Now, there are some real “words of wisdom” from Uncle Nobby.  Contemplate those thoughts while you sip your next cold one.  

Filing Period Closes this Friday

We will soon find out whose name will be on the Hawthorne city election ballots this coming November.  The filing period closes for two city council positions and also the mayoral seat. The campaign season will begin in earnest in September and there will be several candidates forums held throughout the city.  We will keep you informed as to when you might get a chance to meet the candidates.

Electronic Sign Policy

At the last city council meeting a policy was passed to regulate the large electronic sign in the middle of Hawthorne Blvd.  In the not too distant future you will see private business advertising on the screen.  Announcements of city events will be allowed.  However, no non-profits or homeowner associations will be permitted to post their messages.  The reasoning behind this move is to prevent the city from getting into a legal battle over which group is permitted to post and which groups are not.  Some times it’s better not to allow anyone to use a publicly owned structure than to let some use it.  No bars or topless establishments will be allowed to pay for advertising either.  

Water Regulations in Hawthorne

If your address ends in an odd number, they you are to water your lawn or garden on Wednesdays and Sundays. If your address ends in an even number, you are to water on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  You should water before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m.  Do not wash down your drive way.  Do not wash your car unless you have a nozzle on the end of your hose.  Let’s all do our part to conserve our water.  

National Night Out 

I would like to congratulate the organizers of the Hawthorne National Night Out event held this past Tuesday evening.  It was nice to see people from all parts of Hawthorne attend. When many cities are having racial tensions, it’s great that we all can come together and celebrate our diversity and our safe city.  Thanks to our fine Hawthorne Police Department, we do have a safe city.   The food, music and games were all great.  We look forward to doing it again next year.

Results of my Cold One Poll

I asked the question last week as to what is your favorite “cold one”.    
Beer and Starbuck’s Iced Latte Coffee came in tied for first as our favorite “cold one”.  Thank you to all of you who participated in this very unofficial poll.  “Stay thirsty my friends.” 

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