Hawthorne Happenings August 20, 2015

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

 Let the Campaign Season Begin
We have our sports seasons.  The football season is coming right up.  We have our seasonal weather with our hot temps bringing us a lot of discomfort lately.  Every two years in Hawthorne we have another season.  Its campaign season when candidates run for either city council or mayor.  This year we have seven citizens vying for the two council seats and four citizens running for mayor.   You already see some of the signs and banners going up around town.  In years past, every vacant building or chain link fence was plastered with campaign signs.  It is almost a contest to see who can put up the most signs.  The rational being the person who puts the most up wins.  The question comes up, where do these people get the money to pay for signs, mailers, and telephone calls?  Who is financing their campaigns?  Are developers donating to a candidate so that they can get affirmative vote on their pet project?  Hopefully, this is not happening.  All registered voters should take an interest in local government and get to know the candidates.  The city council makes decisions that affects the people of Hawthorne much more so than the president or congress.  The councilmembers really do set the city in a direction that they feel is best.  Between now and November, I urge you to be an informed voter and do some work to know the issues and know where the candidates stand on the local issues.  Find out whether a certain candidate can be trusted to run our city.  (My name was inadvertently listed as one of the candidates by the Daily Breeze.  That was a misprint.  I am not running for higher office.  I love being city clerk and writing my little column each week to keep you all informed.)

Low Flying Airplanes
Last evening I was once again awoken by a very low flying jetliner taking off from LAX.  These planes are not to fly directly over Hawthorne.  Pilots take a shortcut and turn too soon and end up generating a lot of noise for the sleeping people living in Hawthorne.   The FAA wants to know about these illegal turns.  There is a line you can call to report such incidents.

Hawthorne Chamber Civic Awards
The Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce will be holding their annual civic awards luncheon on Friday, August 28 at the Memorial Center.  Several awards will be given out to volunteers in Hawthorne along with the Citizen of the Year award.  Call the Chamber  310-676-1163 for more information. CEO and Chamber President Pat Donaldson invites you to attend: “On behalf of the Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce I would like to invite you to be a Sponsor of our 45th Annual Installation of Officers & Civic Awards Presentation. The event will be held Friday August 28th, 2015, at 12:00 p.m. Registration starts at 11:00 a.m. at the Hawthorne Memorial Center, 3901 W. El Segundo Boulevard”. 

Ramona Neighborhood Association Picnic – This Saturday
My neighbors living in the Ramona Tract are especially invited and encouraged to attend the annual Ramona Picnic to be held this Saturday at Ramona Park from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.   There will be food, music and fun for the entire family.  Last year’s event was well attended and a good time was had by all.  See you there. Come out and enjoy a “cold soda or water” with the City Clerk on a hot Saturday afternoon.  When you see me, mention that you read my column and I may actually get a water for you.  I need to keep my readers alive and healthy or else I would be writing all of this stuff to myself.