Hawthorne Happenings July 30, 2015

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Special Olympics
The competitors who arrived here in LA last week to compete in the Special Olympics are special. They were excited and grateful to be in America. Hawthorne had the opportunity to host 100 of these athletes.  It was great to see them at a dinner sponsored by the Hawthorne Kiwanis Club.  The goal of the Special Olympics movement is to provide opportunities for people to overcome and participate.  It’s all about inclusion. It’s not about who the strongest or fastest is.  It’s about working to be their best at whatever they attempt.  We can learn a lot from these world games.  Too often our youth sports competitions teach kids that a few are winners and everyone else are losers.  Too many kids go away thinking they aren’t good enough.  We really need to stress that participation is winning.   

 “Successful Aging”
 I guess when you turn 60 you start thinking about the important questions in life like “What are you going to do in retirement?”, “Where would you prefer to live during your “golden years”?  We also hear a lot of slogans like, “If you have your health you have everything”, “You are as old as you feel”, and “Enjoy it while you can”.  How about, “Use it or you will lose it.”?  I came across a term recently that intrigued me, “Successful Aging”.  What in the heck that does that mean?  Are we successful if we are healthy and live to be 80 or 90?  Is the person who lives the longest the winner?  Am I a loser if I die young?   Some people spend their lives trying to live longer.  They live life afraid to try or do anything out of their comfort zone.  Yes, it’s great to be concerned with what we eat, whether we exercise and get enough rest, but God only knows when our time will be up.   Why not enjoy our journey?  To use a few more phrases, “Don’t forget to smell the roses along the way”.  How about, “Have a cold one!”?

National Night Out – This Tuesday, August 4
Several of the homeowners associations of Hawthorne have come together to help coordinate our National Night Out event that will be held at the civic center on the evening of Tuesday, August 4.  Free food is promised and presentations by our police and fire departments are on the schedule.  Our civic center is located in front of city hall on 126th Street.  Come out and help us say NO to crime and YES to Good Neighbors. 

Hot Now, But Wet is Coming
he weather is hot and humid now and it’s no doubt going to continue through August and September, but our weather people tell us that El Nino’ is on its way.  Now, they tell us to start worrying about flooding, mudslides and rough commutes that are predicted this Fall and Winter.  If you have not checked out your roof lately, it might be wise to see how old your roof is and replace it now.  I just helped my mother-in-law get her house re-roofed.  The contractor told me that the price of materials is already starting to increase.  The longer you wait the higher the price will go.  Since we haven’t had much rain, there are a lot of roofs that have not been really tested lately.  I would highly recommend that you get your house ready for the rain to come.  No, I do not own a roofing company.  After you get your roof done, relax and have a cold one knowing you’ll be nice and dry all winter long.

What is your favorite Cold One?
Summer is a great time to cool off with a “cold one”.  I’m conducting a survey of my readers and would like to know what your favorite cold one is?  Is it lemonade, Coke, an Arnold Palmer, or something a little stronger?   Please email me your vote.  I will post our results next week.   Email me at:  norbhuber@gmail.com

Yes, your vote is confidential and will only be used for this survey.