Hawthorne Happenings May 7, 2015

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Mothers Day 5K Run and Hawthorne Health Fair – THIS SATURDAY
The Hawthorne Education Foundation’s Mother’s Day Health Fair and 5K Run will be held at Memorial Park this Saturday, May 9th. The 5K run begins at 8 a.m..  followed by the health fair. If you read my column and see me at the starting line with my grandkids come over and say hi. I love to talk with my loyal readers.  I’m the tall, 60 year old, white guy with grey hair. You shouldn’t have too much trouble spotting me in the crowd. 

9K Community Dinner – Thursday May 21
The Hawthorne Police Department uses every means available to them to protect and serve us.  We have a great helicopter above, we have new squad cars racing to respond to 911 emergency calls, we have the latest in technology to fight the bad guys.  But, one of the most valuable weapons at the disposal of our team are the K9 dogs who are highly trained to search and seek out suspects hiding, or they may find evidence of a crime.  Each year the Presidents’ Council of Hawthorne sponsors a community chicken dinner to raise funds in support of the HPD K9 program. This year the dinner will be held on Thursday, May 21 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at the Memorial Center.  Tickets are $5 and only $2.50 for children.  There is a big raffle and the dogs are there to meet the community..

Son, Not Like Father
            “Like father, like son” is the old saying that implies that a son takes after his father.  My son, David would be an exception to this rule.  He didn’t take after me. He passed me by at an early age.  Like all parents, Linda and I feel proud when our kids accomplish something.  From about 4th grade on David always wanted to be an architect. He did just that. Now he is using his architectural mind and his love for art and design to write for well-know art magazines and internet sites. He was chosen to write a featured article in this month’s edition of ARTFORUM, the world’s number one art magazine.  My meager writing style for this column is a little bit lacking compared to my son’s.  Here is a glimpse of his article: “If most postmodernist critiques of functionalism were fueled by antihumanism, a displacement of the subject and a hotheaded visual combativeness—think of deconstructivism’s affinity for fragmentation and disorientation—these architects have never abandoned the idea that architecture is necessarily about inhabitation, the rhythms of bodies and space.”  Wow!  You can see that it’s not even close to being “like son, like father”.

I was born on Mothers Day. Maybe that is why I was always my mother’s favorite. She made everyone feel special. My mom was the type of lady that everyone loved.  She never had a bad word to say about anyone. We all have memories of our moms.  We remember the times we did things that upset our moms, but we always knew that she still loved us. We would stomp through the house with dirty shoes on right after she had cleaned the floors.  We would eat all the freshly baked cookies that she had made for the bake sale at church.  For most of us, the most important thing we remember is the effort we put into making our mother proud of us. She had given us so much love, it was the least we could do for her.  To do good and make her proud, that’s all she wanted from us.  Thinking of what she meant to me in my life still brings tears to my eyes as I write this.   Happy Mothers Day to those moms out there who have devoted their lives to making their homes a place of love and joy.    

 Filing Period Corrected Dates
Every odd year, the City Clerk’s office in given the duty of conducting the city’s elections.  This being an odd year, the citizens will be given the opportunity to go to the polls and elect two city council members and a mayor.  November 3rd is election day for this year.  Any registered voter in Hawthorne is eligible to run for office.  The process of running begins with the filing of papers in my office.  The filing period for this year is from July 13 to August 7.  Two years ago, the voters changed the term length of mayor from two years to four years.  So, the winner of the mayoral race in November will serve for four years. 

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, May 9:  5K Run and Health Fair – Memorial Park
Thursday, May 21: Community Dinner – Memorial Center

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