Hawthorne Happenings May 28, 2015

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Sunshine Superman
Carl Boenish grew up in Hawthorne and graduated from Hawthorne High School in 1959.  He got a job as an electrical engineer with Hughes Aircraft and it looked like he would settle into a comfortable life in sunny So Cal.  His ensuing life was anything but ordinary and comfortable.  He took a liking to filming using his large 16 mm movie camera.  He also took a liking to skydiving.  He combined both of these into filming his jumps. His cinematography work included the 1969 John Frankenheimer parachuting film classic The Gypsy Moths, starring Burt Lancaster and Gene Hackman, and a National Geographic Explorer segment on jumps from El Capitan.  From about 1978 on, Carl became the father of the BASE jumping movement.  BASE stood for the four different types of high objects that jumpers had to jump off of to be part of the club.  B was for Building, A for Antenna, S for Suspension, and E for Earth (such as a cliff).  Carl always looked for more spectacular –more dangerous- feats of human flight.  Him and his wife Jean broke the BASE jumping Guinness World Record in 1984 on the Norwegian ‘Troll Wall’ mountain range.  Tragically, Carl fell to his death trying a more dangerous jump just a day after their record setting jump.  Until recently, Jean lived in Hawthorne and participated in jumping activities.  Last Friday, a documentary entitled, “Sunshine Superman” made its premiere showing at the Landmark Theater in West LA.  I had the opportunity to attend one of the showings over the weekend.  Carl’s original footage of his jumps off of El Capitan in Yosemite and many other places captivated the audience.

I don’t like looking over the side of a cliff or building.  I can’t imagine jumping off of one. I would rather just watch people jump.  These jumpers deserve to have a “cold one” after jumping from more than 1,000 feet.

 Holly Park Homeowners Association to hold Pancake Breakfast
The Holly Park HOA will hold their annual Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, June 13th at Olivet Lutheran Church located at 2506 West Imperial Hwy in Hawthorne from

8 a.m.-12 noon.  The cost is only $5 for adults.  All funds raised go to a scholarship given each year to a deserving high school graduate.

 Police and Firemen to be Honored
 The Hawthorne Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs jointly sponsor a luncheon each year to honor one police officer and one fireman from our Hawthorne stations.  This year the luncheon will be held on June 16th at the Memorial Center.  If you are interested in attending please contact the City Manager’s office at City Hall.

 Movies in the Park
Annie with Jamie Fox will be shown this year on Saturday, July 11th at Holly Park located at 2058 120th Street in Hawthorne.  The event is full of food, games for the kids and raffle prizes.  It runs from

6 to 10 pm

 National Night Out
The annual event to celebrate our safe streets and neighbors will be held this summer on Tuesday, August 4th at City Hall located at 4455 126th Street, the event will run from 6-9pm

 Memorial Day
 This past Monday, I was able to attend the Memorial Day services at the Los Angeles Cemetery located across the 405 freeway from the VA Hospital in Westwood.  58,000 service men and women are buried there.  The Boy Scouts annually place 58,000 American flags one foot in front of each of the grave markers.  It’s a very inspiring site to see that number  of flags and be reminded of the large number of loyal soldiers who have given their lives to preserve our freedoms.  God bless the families of those who have lost loved ones in service to our country.