Hawthorne Happenings May 14, 2015

   News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

 Run, Finish and Celebrate!
            It was another beautiful day in Hawthorne last Saturday for the Hawthorne 5K Run sponsored by the Hawthorne Education Foundation. The rain had passed, the air was clean and the light clouds kept it cool for the runners. This year was special for me, my entire family ran the race including my four year old grand daughter Jordan. She ran, jogged, and walked the 3.2 miles with her nana, Linda.  To see her face as she came to the finish line was priceless.  She put the finisher’s medallion ribbon around her neck and was so proud to announce to everyone that she had “run all the way” herself.  There were plenty of others in the crowd who were completing their first race. You could see their feeling of accomplishment on their faces.  They had never thought they could run 3 miles.  Regardless of what their time was, what place they had come in, they had reached their goal.  Life can be full of those little celebrations.  Success is simply setting a goal and reaching it.  Basically, we run, we finish and then we should celebrate.   We should just stop and celebrate our successes regardless of how small.  Go ahead have a “cold one”, or at least stop by Starbucks on the way home and have a “cold one”.

  9K Community Dinner – Thursday May 21
Each year the Presidents’ Council of Hawthorne sponsors a community chicken dinner to raise funds in support of the HPD K9 program. This year the dinner will be held on Thursday, May 21 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at the Memorial Center.  Tickets are $5 and only $2.50 for children.  There is a big raffle and the K9 dogs will be there to meet the community.

Historical Society Meeting
            The next meeting of the Hawthorne Historical Society will be held on Monday, May 18 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Hawthorne Museum.  Jerry Skaff will be our guest speaker.  His father owned the Centinela Café on Hawthorne Blvd. just south of El Segundo Blvd for many years.  One of their regular customers was Jim Thorpe, the “world’s greatest athlete”.  I’m sure we will hear some interesting stories told by Jerry as he recalls some events from the “good ol’ days” of Hawthorne.  Please join us for this evening of celebrating Hawthorne’s past.

Information Available
            “An informed citizen is a good citizen” is an old saying used to encourage all of us to stay informed as to what is going on in our neighborhood, community, state, nation and world. The more we know, the more we are able to be a good neighbor and be an informed citizen when it comes time to vote in our elections. We have so many ways to stay informed.  Recently, Nextdoor has become popular as a means of knowing what is happening in our neighborhoods.  If you have not joined in on the fun, go to the website: nextdoor.com and in just a few minutes too you can be part of a network of neighbors. You will know when a dog or cat are lost or found, or when your neighbor is looking for a contractor to remodel their house.  Better yet, you will know when houses or cars on your street are broken into. Get connected, stay informed.    

It’s Only a Number
            I hit the BIG ‘60’ last week. For sixty years I have been roaming this planet. I heard many friendly comments like: “60 aint nothing, wait til you hit 80”, “You’re still young”, or “60 is just a number”. I must hang around a bunch of older folks. I don’t feel OLD.  Of course there are the old sayings: “You are as old as you feel.”, and “If you have your health, you have everything.”  I guess I am getting OLD always using OLD phrases in my column.  One old saying I never get tired of using is “Have a cold one!”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting drunkenness. I do not own stock in a brewery.  I just encourage you to take life easy and enjoy the finer things that God has blessed us with. 

Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 18: Historical Society Meeting – 6:30 p.m. Museum
Thursday, May 21: Community Dinner – Memorial Center  5-6:30 p.m.
Monday, May 25: Memorial Day

Comments or Questions: Contact me at: norbhuber@gmail.com