Hawthorne Happenings April 2, 2015

 News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Walkability of Your City
In a recent survey, Americans prefer to live in cities that allow them to walk to their favorite shops, restaurants or businesses.  When purchasing a home many buyers are willing to pay a little bit more for a place close to a coffee shop or to a shopping area.

It has been shown that a home’s value has increased just by the presence of a Starbucks within walking distance. Most of us want to do our part to save our planet by not using our global warming, smog producing vehicles, but Southern California was built for cars. Our homes are located in one town and we work in another. Our churches are located in another nearby city.  Our doctor’s office is located five miles away from where we reside.  We are forced to own and operate an automobile.  It is nice whenever we can walk to get to a destination. I live close to Inglewood Avenue and it is nice to walk to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  We are blessed to live just a half mile away from our grandchildren. It’s great to be able to walk to see them. It never fails that I run into a neighbor on one of my walks.  It’s nice to say hello and stop and talk for a few minutes. I wish we all had more opportunities to get out of our cars and walk.  It would be better for our health and the health of our community.

Holy Week
            Since I volunteer to write this column, I pretty much have the freedom to write about anything I want.  I try to make my meandering diatribes personal and interesting for my readers.  I hope that some of the time you can relate to my stories.  I try my best to be transparent in my role as city clerk. There is an old saying, “two topics you never should to discuss: politics and religion”. I do my best to never disrespect an individual or group of people.  I share my opinions and respect the opinions of others even if they hold an opposite view than mine. I do the same with my religious beliefs. If you have read my columns, I speak out about my Christian faith. I respect the faiths of others.  This is the most important week of the year for Christians.  On Good Friday, the church commemorates the death of Jesus by crucifixion. His resurrection on Easter Sunday and the promise that we will be raised from the dead is what gives Christians joy.  It’s not about what I do or have done. It’s all about Jesus overcoming death on the cross and rising from the grave. It’s not my works but Christ’s work that saves me.  That is what makes Christianity different than all of the other religions of the world.  May you have a blessed Easter celebration with the ones you love.      

 Service Providers Fair/Earth Day/Shredding Event
            On Saturday, April 11, the City of Hawthorne’s annual Earth Day and Service Providers Fair will be held at Memorial Park.  From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Allied Waste will provide for the free shredding of documents to all.  In addition, they will have free compositing material, (fertilizer), for all of you gardeners out there. Bring over your empty bags or barrels and fill them up to feed your hungry plants.

 American Cancer Society – Relay for Life
            The annual event will be held at the Hawthorne High School track on the weekend of April 18-19.  You can participate by walking, donating or volunteering to be part of the cure for cancer.

 Hawthorne Education Foundation’s Health Fair and 5K Run
            This great event will be held on Saturday, May 9 at Memorial Park.  Start getting your jogging shoes out and start running to get in shape for the only road race in Hawthorne.

 Golf Tournament Results
The 26th annual Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Foundation Golf Tournament was held this past Monday out at Coyote Hills Gold Course and there was a tie for first place with a 12 under par score for the best ball format. Imperial Projects was declared the winner by virtue of a tie breaker over Team Huber.  This marks the third year in a row for my team to finish second.  It just motivates us to want to come back and win the tournament next year.

Spring Break
            I’ll be on spring break this coming week, so there will not be a column next week.  I’ll be back in action the week of April 14th.

 Upcoming Events:
Sunday, April 5: Easter Sunday
Saturday, April 11: Service Providers Faire/Earth Day – Memorial Park
Sat/Sun, April 18/19: American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life – Hawthorne High

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