Hawthorne Happenings March 26, 2015

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

Service Providers Fair/Earth Day/Shredding Event

            On Saturday, April 11, the City of Hawthorne’s annual Earth Day and Service Providers Fair will be held at Memorial Park.  From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Allied Waste will provide for the free shredding of documents to all.  In addition, they will have free compositing material, (fertilizer), for all of you gardeners out there. Bring over your empty bags or barrels and fill them up to feed your hungry plants.

 2015 Hawthorne Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

            The Hawthorne Historical Society is proud to announce the selection of the 2015 Hawthorne Hall of Fame.  Over 50 individuals or businesses were nominated and considered as recipients of this honor.  A selection committee met for several months debating the merits of each nominee. Here are the winners for this year:

Jim Thorpe, Carl Boenish, Seers Lumber, Reece Walton and the Beach Boys.  That is quite an impressive group of honorees.  Most cities would be proud to claim one celebrity as their own.  In the coming months I will write a brief article on each of the inductees. Hawthorne has quite a few famous people to choose from who started here or lived in our city at one time.  The Hall of Fame Banquet is scheduled for Friday, July 17 at the Memorial Center.  Tickets will go on sale in May. 

Life is Not Fair

            From early age on, even before we start school, we learn what fair is and how life isn’t always fair. It’s not fair when our siblings get to do something and we don’t.  It’s not fair that our classmates always get good grades, earn praise from the teacher, and seem to be the most popular in our class or school. We are filled with envy when we try hard, do our best, and we don’t quite receive the same accolades.  When we get a little older, we hear the old, American work ethic phrase repeated, “Work hard and you will succeed”.  For most of us, this rang true. We went to school, got our education and went to work.  We saved money to buy a home.  We took care of our family.  We did what we were supposed to do.  But, sometimes life blows up right in front of our eyes, tragedy strikes us. We are diagnosed with cancer.  Our child is killed in an automobile accident. We are laid off from our job that we worked at for 30 years. Burglars break in to our house and steal some family keepsakes.  Most of the time, we can do nothing to prevent these catastrophes from happening. It is natural to have overwhelming emotions like anger, outrage or grief when these ‘life changing’ events happen.  It’s then that we ask the question, “Why me?”  Why is this happening to me?  There is really no clear answer to that.  There really is nothing else to do but to throw up our hands and think that God is in charge. Even in the darkest of times, I believe that there is a supreme being that is in control of all things.  Things here on earth don’t always go according to our plan. We are simply living our lives trusting in God’s wisdom.        

American Cancer Society – Relay for Life

            The annual event will be held at the Hawthorne High School track on the weekend of April 18-19.  You can participate by walking, donating or volunteering to be part of the cure for cancer.

 Upcoming Events:

Saturday, March 28: Easter Bunny Breakfast – Memorial Center
Monday, March 30: Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Foundation Golf Tournament
Sunday, April 5: Easter Sunday
Saturday, April 11: Service Providers Faire/Earth Day – Memorial Park
Sat/Sun, April 18/19: American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life – Hawthorne High

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