Hawthorne Happenings December 17, 2015

News for the City of Good Neighbors from City Clerk Huber

City Council Sets Up Procedure to Fill Vacant Seat
The Hawthorne City Council met Tuesday night to talk about how the vacant seat left by new Mayor Alex Vargas was going to be filled.  The council has the power just to appoint a resident of Hawthorne to finish out the two remaining years on the four year term that Mr. Vargas won in 2013.  With his election to mayor, the council was left with an open seat.  The council decided to begin an application process to fully make their work as transparent as possible.  Qualified voters of Hawthorne can submit an application that will be reviewed by the council.  You may call the City Clerk’s Office for more information, 310-349-2915.

Preparing for the Wet Weather
Rain is on the way.  We have had a few showers here and there, but all the forecasts call for many days of wet weather in the coming months.  That is why I have a small project that I invite you to participate in. I received a $250 grant of seed money to do something charitable in my community.  With the seed money we would like to secure jackets and blankets for the homeless of Hawthorne.  We would like to distribute these during the upcoming holiday period.  If you have some larger jackets or rain ponchos in your closet that you do not plan on wearing and you would like to contribute to our cause, then you can drop them off at the Hawthorne Museum. (If the museum is not open then just place them in front of the door and we will come by to pick them up.)  If you would like to make a financial donation then make checks payable to Hawthorne Historical Society.  You can drop your check off during museum hours, Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11 a.m to 2 p.m. or mail it to  the Hawthorne Historical Society 12622 S. Grevillea Avenue, Hawthorne, CA 90250.  Thanks in advance for your help reaching out to our large homeless population.

Crazy World – How to Make Sense of it All
We are living in a crazy world.  It’s hard to make any sense out of it all.  If you think things are going to get better, you better think twice. If you think that our law enforcement can crack down on the bad guys and our military can strike down every enemy, you better not get your hopes up too high. We live in a world where some do not value life.  Hatred and killings have been with us since man fell into sin. It is into this dirty world that a perfect baby was born.  Jesus was born in a dirty manger.  He came to be with us.  He came to give us life, a new, clean life, free from the dirt of the world.  Christmas is about bringing hope and joy to us.  The crazier the world gets, the more we realize what our faith means to us.  We can never be safe here on earth, but we can know that God is in control and He cares for us and will bring us to a safe home with Him. Just like the angels appearing to the shepherds out in the field, we too can stand and hear the great choir singing, “Joy to the World”.   God bless you and your family with a very Blessed Christmas!