An award was presented to the City of Hawthorne by Marilyn Lyon Environmental Services Analyst.  The award congratulates the City for achieving platinum level energy leader status partnering with Southern California Edison and South Bay City Council of Governments.  It was noted that $50,000 in savings has been realized in the Edison energy bill at City Hall alone in a year.

A presentation was given to Julia Lemus de Solares in honor of her 103rd birthday by her grandson Youth Commissioner Oscar Solares and her family.  Mrs. Solares was recognized as the oldest resident in Hawthorne. She was born in 1917 and has lived in Hawthorne for 30 years.

Council Member Angie English spoke on behalf and a Certificate of Appreciation was given to the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity inc. regarding their volunteer work providing free tax services to seniors and citizens of Hawthorne.  The tax service was held at the Hawthorne Senior Center from March until April 15th. 141 tax payers were assisted.

A Certificate of Recognition was presented to newly appointed Youth Commissioner Ryan Christopher Richard