LHMP Community Survey Questions

 Fill out the survey below to share your thoughts on key disaster issues and tell the city how it can best help your household prepare for a natural disaster. All survey answers are anonymous and will only be used to help develop the city’s emergency management plans.

Severe Storms
Extreme Heat
Strong Winds
2. How prepared is your household to cope with a hazard event? (Check one)
3. Which of the following actions has your household taken to prepare for hazard events? (Check all that apply)
4. Which of the following sources of information have helped you to prepare for a hazard event? (Check all that apply)
Prevention activities
such as administrative or regulatory actions that influence the way land is developed and buildings are built (ex: planning, zoning, & building codes)
Property protection actions
that modify existing buildings to protect them from a hazard or removal from the hazard area, such as acquisition, relocation, elevation, and structural retrofits
Structural projects intended to lessen hazard impact
modifying the natural progress of the hazard, such as detention/retention basins, retaining walls, storm sewers, and restoration efforts to increase the natural environment's capacity to absorb hazard impacts
Emergency services actions
that protect people and property during and immediately after a hazard event, such as warning systems, evacuation planning, emergency response training, and protection of critical emergency facilities or systems
Public education and awareness activities
to inform community members about hazards and the techniques they can use to protect and prepare their property and themselves, including outreach projects, CERT, school programs, library materials, and safety fair events
6. Do you or anyone in your household have disabilities and/or access and functional needs and would you be interested in early warning notifications or specialized response to evacuate during disasters?
7. If you answered yes to question 6: do you have a certified service animal that you would be interested in evacuating with you or a household member to a shelter during a disaster?
8. If you answered yes to question 6: would you be interested in more information about Disaster Assistance for people with disabilities and / or access and functional needs?