Volunteer Opportunities For the Los Angeles County Civil Grand Jury

Civil Grand Jurors are not summoned, but may volunteer by completing an application form. The main function of the Civil Grand Jury is to investigate county, city, and joint-power agencies. They act in a “watch-dog” capacity, by examining the operations of various government agencies within Los Angeles County.

For more information on how you can apply, please visit the following website LA County Grand Jury

2019 SEED Awards


SBBEC To Recognize Local Sustainability


The South Bay Business Environmental Coalition (SBBEC) is hosting the 12th annual SEED Awards event in September. Comprised of businesses and municipalities throughout the South Bay and beyond, the SBBEC uses the SEED (Southern California Environmental Excellence Development) program to recognize the extraordinary environmental efforts of local businesses, individuals and organizations.


Past SEED Award winners have ranged from individuals to international corporations each of which have helped the quality of life in the South Bay and surrounding region. By recognizing the efforts being made locally, these awards help demonstrate to others how a few simple steps can make a significant impact.  City of Hawthorne has had a number of winners over the years and would like to continue that tradition.


The event will welcome local political figures, community leaders, and business owners. To be a part of this incredible local effort, share this event information with a deserving local business or environmental advocate, and visit www.sbbec.org to download an application. 


For more information, visit the website or contact event chair, Doug Krauss at 310-349-2987

2019 SEED Award Application


Mosquitoes, Other Insects and Vectors

The flyer in the link below, contains important information on the newly invasive Aedes mosquitoes as they move further into new areas of Los Angeles County.

To report mosquitoes and to request mosquito-eating fish, please call LA County Vector Control District at 310-915-7370 or visit www.lawestvector.org to file a service request for an inspection or for personal assistance

Click on the image below to open the flyer

Electric Lawn Mower Rebate Program


Save Some Green and Mow Down Air Pollution


The South Coast AQMD offers a year-round Electric Lawn Mower Rebate program for residents of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Residents can purchase a new, cordless electric lawn mower, scrap their old gas mower and receive a rebate check based on the purchase price of their new mower. Help improve air quality by participating in the electric Lawnmower Rebate Program.

The on-line application is available at www.aqmd.gov/lawnmower.

·         After-purchase rebates are $150, $200 or $250, depending on the purchase price of the new electric lawnmower.

·         Over 20 electric lawn mower models available for residential use.

·         Purchases can be made in-store or on-line

·         Over 20 certified scrapping locations available in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties

·         For more information please call 888-425-6247 (Tuesday-Friday). Se habla español.

·         Help improve air quality

Program Flyer




Request for Proposals City of Hawthorne CDBG and HOME Funds

Request for Proposals
City of Hawthorne

Community Development Block Grant and
HOME Funds

The City of Hawthorne is soliciting proposals from qualified firms and organizations who are interested in providing consulting services for technical assistance to implement the CDBG/HOME programs and the Housing Rehabilitation Program.  The City desires to attract a firm or a qualified organization to provide technical assistance for the administration of the City’s CDBG and HOME funded Housing Rehabilitation programs.

To participate in this process and obtain further information please contact 310-349-2976

The deadline to submit proposals is no later than July 19, 2018 by 3:00 p.m.