Human resources

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Our mission in the Human Resources Department is to provide excellent services to the citizens of Hawthorne by attracting, developing and retaining the most highly qualified, proficient and service-oriented workforce possible. We believe in teamwork, professional development and diversity in our employee population. We provide services to the public and our employees through the following program areas:

  • Employee Labor Relations
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Classification and Compensation
  • Employee Career Development
  • Employee Benefit Administration
  • Livescan Fingerprint Services
  • City Health and Wellness Program

The Human Resources Department provides the City Council, City Manager, Civil Service Commission, City executive staff, City employees, and general public with complete, accurate service in public agency employment, selection, and retention; maintain City personnel files and record keeping and administer and implement city personnel procedures. Ensure that City of Hawthorne's hiring and employment policies and practices comply with Federal and State mandates. Guarantee that the City's approach and efforts to Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity are in accordance with City Council policy. Provide city departments and employees with resources and services relating to employee relations. Ensure that City's actions on employee relations are in accordance with Federal and State legislation on the collective bargaining process.