We welcome you to view the event information for items of potential interest to you or a veteran you know. These events are published monthly and represent activities in the greater LA County area. The announcements are focused on social, education, counseling, and job opportunity topics, as well as other related interests to veterans. Many are self-descriptive and others will have a website and phone number – please reach out to any of these providers as necessary.

 Your Commissioners are active members in the LA Veterans Collaborative, which meets monthly under the auspices of the USC School of Social Work.. The Center of Innovation and Research of Veterans and Families compiles information from agencies, non-profits and other entities supporting veterans. You are encouraged to visit their website for information on the many activities and programs.


 In addition to the flyers below, there are numerous pamphlets and booklets available that contain detailed information on assorted topics. An example of recent publications from the California Department of Business Oversight, include:

-          Path to Home Ownership
-          Protect Yourself from Fraud
-          Veterans handbook

Contact them at 1-888-275-2677 or visit the website at www.dbo.ca.gov

 Save-the Date: Veterans Day Recognition Ceremony, Friday, November 11 at the Hawthorne Memorial Center. The schedule and guest speakers details will be forthcoming.

Veterans Food Program

Outdoor Adventure Group