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  • General Engineering is responsible for design and administration of capital improvement projects; administration of contracts for engineering-related services; administration of assessment districts; surveying; plan checking and issuing permits for construction, excavation or encroachment in the public right-of-way; providing coordination with utility companies; administering street lighting, energy conservation projects and maintaining utility records and updating maps.

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Electric Vehicle information from Edison

  • Southern California Edison has important information for anyone interested in Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV). Please visit the following website https://sce/residential/electric-vehicles for more on PEV readiness.

Street Lights

  • If you notice street lights out in the community, you can call Southern California Edison's Street Lighting Hotline at 1-800-655-4555.

  • This automated system allows you to report street light outages.

Sewer Master Plan

The Public Works Department recently completed a Sewer Master Plan detailing the current state of the City's sewer system and prescribing improvements to be made. Here is a presentation summarizing this plan.

Sewer Mater Plan Presentation

Revision Date: 12/13/2007