Hazard Mitigation Planning

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A Plan for Reducing Disaster Risk
The City of Hawthorne is developing a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan or LHMP. The purpose of an LHMP is to 1) evaluate the threat posed by natural disasters and 2) establish a city-wide strategy for managing that risk. This plan will allow Hawthorne to receive both state and federal hazard mitigation grants and disaster relief funds. Moreover, it will guide the city efforts to minimize the impact of disasters and climate change on Hawthorne’s residents and businesses. 

Public Input is Critical
Public input and feedback are crucial to building an effective LHMP. This is because hazard mitigation is a whole-community effort. Everyone has a role in keeping Hawthorne safe! As such, there will be multiple opportunities for you to share your thoughts, concerns, and interests. However, the first step is to help us understand YOU.

 Help Us to Help You
Fill out the attached survey to share your thoughts on key disaster issues and tell the city how it can best help your household prepare for a natural disaster. All survey answers are anonymous and will only be used to help develop the city’s disaster management plans. Additional comment/answer space is available at the end of the survey if you need additional space.

LHMP Community Survey

Disaster Preparedness

Every day we all face natural, technological, chemical and man-made hazards that can potentially become disasters. Even though the probability of you or your family being injured or killed in a disaster is very low, it is extremely probable that your lives will be impacted. Utilities may be interrupted for hours or even days; your home, workplace, or school may be damaged or destroyed; roads and highways may be closed; and stores may be closed due to damage or have shortages of the items you need. For these reasons, it is extremely important for you to prepare in advance for disasters. The following links provide valuable information on how to ensure you and your family are ready for any disaster or emergency you may face.

  • To become more informed and utilize tools to help you prepare, use the https://www.ready.gov/ website. It will provide guidance on types of disasters and how to manage a variety of scenarios related to the specific situation encountered. The topics include emergency alert notifications, sheltering and evacuation planning, family emergency planning, pet preparations and other situations that may occur.

  • There is also a link to “make a plan” https://www.ready.gov/make-a-plan which will list the recommended steps to address particular needs,  and create a family plan. More references are listed below.

County of Los Angeles Emergency Survival Guide 

Family Emergency Plan Card

5 Step Neighborhood Action Kit

For additional information, contact the Hawthorne Office of Emergency Management at oem@cityofhawthorne.org