The City of Hawthorne Licensing Department is now collecting Convenience Fees for payments made by credit card

Convenience Fee

Why is there a 'convenience fee' for credit card payments?

Each time a person utilizes a credit card for purchases of goods or services, the credit card companies charge that entity a fee for the customer’s use of said card for that transaction.  Most cities (and other public entities) accept credit/debit cards as a courtesy, offering a convenient payment option to their customers.  How they address the fees are uniquely individual to the entity, but increasingly over the past few years many cities have begun to pass this cost along to the customer to help offset the cost of offering this convenience.  

Why was this ‘fee’ implemented now?

The City Council of the City of Hawthorne has determined that in order to continue providing effective services for the public welfare, the City must establish and increase fees for certain municipal services in order to accurately reflect the City’s true cost in providing such services.

The City Council approved the ordinance authorizing the collection of this 'convenience fee' on May 8, 2018,

Do other cities charge this sort of 'fee' to their customers?

The City of Hawthorne is not alone in exercising our right to pass through these charges to our customers.  An increasing number of cities (and other public entities) have seen the number of customers paying fees for service by credit/debit card increasing to the point that the levied processing charges are becoming quite excessive, too much to just absorb.

Below is the link that gives the City of Hawthorne authorization for the collection of said fees:

Forms of Payment

Still prefer not to pay a ‘convenience fee’ – no worries, there are still a number of self -serve payment methods available to you. 
Of course there are always the more traditional payment methods of check or money order which can be mailed or made in person at City Hall.  Finally cash payment may be made in person at the Licensing counter during regular business hours

Should you have further questions, please contact the Business License office at (310) 349-2935