On September 13, 1999, the  Hawthorne  City Council adopted Resolution No. 6551, which requires the City to implement a program for managing Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris. The programs main goal is to reduce the amount of C&D materials disposed in landfills, pursuant to Assembly Bill 939, the State’s landfill reduction act.

To make the program be as effective as possible, the City of Hawthorne needs to measure the amount of C&D materials generated each year. This program requires contractors to report the amounts of C&D debris reused, recycled, or disposed though construction and demolition projects. This includes City public works projects as well as private sector construction.


Council Resolution No. 6551 has set forth the following requirements for contractors applying for building permits in the City:

  • Contractors are required to divert the maximum feasible amount (no less than 50%) of construction and demolition materials from landfills.
  • All private developers, construction and demolition contractors, waste haulers, and others handling these materials shall report the quantities diverted and disposed to the City of Hawthorne.
  • Reports shall be submitted to the City upon completion of the demolition project in a format approved by the Chief of General Services and Public Works.
  • Satisfactory completion of C&D reports on a project shall be required prior to issuance of a final for all demolition projects.


  1.  Prior to pulling permits for demolition, fill out and return the Solid Resource Management Plan (ATTACHMENT A). This form indicates intent to divert materials from landfills and demonstrates knowledge of diversion options. At this stage, Public Works department can assist in determining proper diversion methods and make available the Construction and Demolition Resources Guide.
  2. At completion of the project, prepare the Contractor’s Diversion and Disposal Report (ATTACHMENT B). Using this format standardizes data and allows for clarity of information received from contractors.
  3. Attach weight tickets from waste haulers, recycling centers, landfills, transfer stations, and other sites to which materials are taken. If such documentation is unavailable, contractor will be required to submit a signed letter detailing quantities, processing and transportation of materials.
  4. Submit completed reports and backup documents (i.e. weight slips, verification letter) to the Department of Public Works upon completion of the demolition, and prior to getting a final on the demolition.
  5. The Department of Public Works will submit the reports and backup documents to City staff for review. If reports and documentation are satisfactory, Construction and Demolition Reporting checklist will be completed and plans will proceed towards final approval.
  6. If reports are not satisfactory to the City, the contractor will be requested to submit additional information or final approval will be denied.
  7. When applying for a certificate of occupancy, provide a copy of the completed C&D reports and documentation, to demonstrate that the C&D reports have been satisfactorily completed for the project for which the certificate of occupancy is being requested.


 Contractors may contact the Department of Public Works at (310) 349-2987 with questions about the C&D Debris Diversion Program or requirements of Council Resolution No. 6551. To obtain a copy of the resolution, contact the Hawthorne City Clerk at (310) 349-2918.

 Contractors are encouraged to obtain a free copy of the City of Hawthorne’s Construction and Demolition Resources Guide, which will help them locate construction and demolition recycling centers in the greater Los Angeles area. This guide also lists other sustainable construction and demolition methods and materials. Visit the Department of General Services and Public Works to obtain a copy, or call (310) 349-2987 or FAX (310) 978-9862, and a copy will be mailed to you.