City of Hawthorne CommissionS

There are six commissions serving the City of Hawthorne. Members serve voluntarily. Each member of City Council appoints one person to each commission.

Commission Vacancies
Please note, as of April 2018 there are vacancies on the following commissions;

  • Civil Service Commission - one vacancy
  • Parks and Recreation/Fine Arts Commission - one vacancy
  • Senior Citizen's Commission - one vacancy
    There is hereby established a senior citizens’ commission which shall act as an advisory body to the city council in all matters pertaining to the needs, concerns and quality of life of all seniors in the city of Hawthorne. The senior citizens’ commission shall:

                A.        Analyze and evaluate the needs of seniors.
                B.        Coordinate the available resources for seniors from public agencies, non-profits and volunteer organizations.
                C.        Provide input in any new plans for programs, activities and events for seniors.
                D.        Reach out, publish, educate and/or disseminate relevant information pertaining to seniors. (Ord. 2047 § 1, 2013.)

To obtain an appointment application form, please click on the following link;
Boards, Commissions and Special Committees Appointment Application